4.3 Studying away

4.3 Studying away from the University

Following the decision by the Vice Chancellor’s Group, Monash will progressively reinstate University-related business travel for staff and students from November 2021.  For full details see the Travel advice section of the COVID-19 Updates WebsiteThe information is subject to state and federal borders reopening, and the reopening of borders with host states and/or countries.

Currently travel will only be approved for essential research as part of the graduate research course.  For details on eligibility criteria and how to apply, please see the Study Away section of the Graduate Research Forms page

Where a student wishes to relocate away from campus, a transfer to external enrolment should be considered (see Conditions of enrolment). Students enrolled at Monash University Malaysia cannot enrol by external mode. Restrictions apply to international students on Australian student visas.

Please note:

  • Applications should be submitted six weeks prior to the student's proposed departure date to the Monash Graduate Research Office (MGRO) for approval.
  • MGRO will not approve backdated variation requests.
  • Study away will not be approved for personal reasons. To be eligible students must also be currently enrolled, not on a leave of absence from candidature for the period of the proposed travel, and not under examination.
  • Students who fail to advise the University via the relevant form of a return from a period of approved study away be subject to termination  proceedings, as per Section 2 of the Graduate Research Progress Management Termination Procedures.

Coursework units

Where a student is undertaking coursework and applying for study away their supervisor must ensure that the student will meet all coursework enrolment obligations and are aware of the implications as per the university’s coursework policies.

Where study away is going to impede completion of coursework and/or skills training units, the supervisor must not approve the study away. Approved study away will not be considered a basis for any subsequent application for special consideration.

No study away in the first six months

The Graduate Research Committee  considers the first six months of enrolment to be critical to the framing and  establishment of a student's research project. Therefore, requests for study  away during the first six months are normally approved only in exceptional  circumstances. It is acknowledged that in some cases fieldwork, which is an  integral and essential part of the overall doctoral program, may need to be  undertaken during the early months of enrolment.

Duration of study away

In the case of doctoral  students, a maximum period of 12 months' study away may be approved, although  in exceptional circumstances this may be extended to 18 months.

International students

International students should  contact Monash Connect when  applying to study away. Under government regulations, there are visa  implications for international students and their dependents should they  leave Australia for an extended period of study away.

Travel grant

A travel grant is a grant provided to support a period of study away. Travel grants can be used to cover airfares and travel related expenses such as taxes and conference registration fees. . To be eligible for a travel grant, a student must comply with study away conditions and be enrolled and located at a Monash Australia campus (excluding joint award students) at the time of application. Joint award students may be eligible, when undertaking their Monash Australia campus stay component of the joint award.

To be considered for a travel grant, student need to satisfy the following criteria:

  1. Presenting at a conference and evidenced with the acceptance /invitation to present, and/or
  2. Undertaking approved fieldwork  relevant to the research project, evidenced by confirmation or planned activities
  3. Must have successfully completed confirmation and  completed the travel prior to thesis submission

Students are ineligible to receive travel grant if they are:

  1. eligible for a staff travel grant
  2. applying for an annual mandatory period of residency at a campus for external student

Eligible students will receive a one off travel grant throughout their candidature. The Monash Graduate Research Office travel grant contribution is $1,175. The Faculty and/or Academic Unit must contribute to the travel grant by providing minimum of $940.

Reimbursement of expenses

Students will be sent a confirmation of reimbursement of their expense within 5 days of the study away and travel grant being approved. Academic Units will also be notified and credited the allocated central contribution amount.

Successful applications should contact their academic unit for reimbursement of their travel costs.

Refer to the relevant Monash University (Academic Board) Regulations.

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