Life After Law School

If you’re a law student, chances are you’re finding yourself drowning in a huge amount of information about your career. Often at law school the focus can be on getting a job at a major law firm. While it’s a great ambition, it’s not the whole picture.

Around 50 per cent of all law graduates choose to work in areas other than law. Of those who do go on to become lawyers, most never actually set foot in a major firm.

Life After Law School aims to help you see all the exciting career paths that your law degree can unlock, outside of the narrow focus on major law firms.

Throughout the year, Life After Law School is going to be delivered to you in a range of methods: one; being physical seminars at Monash Law Chambers or Monash Clayton Campus, two; in podcast form and three; hosted at external business organisations.

Below you will find the podcast series where you’re going to meet law graduates at various stages of their career, and hear their tips and tricks for how you can forge your own career adventure.

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