Program overview

Community and Researcher Engagement (CaRE) program overview

The Monash University Central Clinical School (CCS) Community and Researcher Engagement (CaRE) program has adopted four engagement approaches: Inform, Consult, Partner and Delegate Power. These approaches guide the CCS towards effective consumer engagement to support our research work, for the continued improvement of disease and/or illness outcomes.

A rectangle with an inner circle divided into 4 quadrants. Quadrant 1, top right of circle has a light grey background is titled Inform. To the right of this quadrant text says Disseminate information, Share Learnings, Build community knowledge. Quadrant 2, lower right of circle has a light purple background is titled Consult. To the right of this quadrant text says Facilitate two-way dialogue between researchers and consumers. Quadrant 3, lower left of circle is titled Partner. To the left of this quadrant text says Work directly with consumers in authentic partnerships. Quadrant 4, top left of circle is titled Partner. To the left of this quadrant text says Empower consumer and researcher teams. In the middle of the circle is a circular arrow pointing in a clockwise direction indicating increasing levels of engagement between consumers and researchers. Credit: Graphic created in BioRender


Our Community and Researcher Engagement (CaRE) Committee aims to facilitate valuable and productive interactions and connections between community representatives and researchers within the CCS. We support both the researchers and their community representative partners in a variety of ways. This includes, providing a framework for interaction, links to training workshops and information/training to ensure each partnership is valued and productive. We also run an annual symposium, meet and greet events, online networking forums and laboratory tours for members of the community who are connected to the CCS through our Community Engagement Group.

Staff Group Photograph

Left to Right, Top to Bottom
Ms. Ange Bishop, Dr. Michelle Zajac, Ms. Jurie Tashkari, Mr Ken Young, Dr. Karen Alt, Dr. Bridgette Semple,
Dr. Arwel Jones, Dr. Tiffany Rushen, Dr. Loretta Piccenna, Dr. Juliana Silva
Absent - Ms. Anna Steiner, Dr. Matthew Snelson, Ms. Patricia Sarmiento

Current members

Past members

  • A/Prof Matthew McCormack
  • Ms. Jen Cheung
  • Dr. Catherine Carmichael (Co-Founder)
  • Dr. Donia Moujalled
  • Dr. Cedric Tremblay
  • Dr. Fiona Brown
  • Dr. Ioanna Savvidou
  • Dr. Omar Ibrahim
  • Dr. Donia Moujalled

Social media team

Staff Group Photograph

2021 CaRE Committee social media team.
L-R: Top row: Ange Bishop (consumer engagement coordinator), Jurie Tashkandi.
L-R: Bottom row: Dr. Omar Ibrahim and Dr. Juliana de Castro.