MARC Theme Leaders

MARC’s theme leader group takes on the collective responsibility for informing the strategic direction of the Monash Addiction Research Centre (MARC) and sharing information relating to MARC activities and opportunities. Theme leaders represent each of the three research themes within MARC, acting as a conduit for information between MARC and the departments and faculties in which they are based.


Prevention and


Culture and


Prof Antonio Verdejo-Garcia

Turner Institute for Brain and Mental Health

Prof Paul Dietze

Burnet Institute

A/Prof Philip Mendes

Social Work

Dr Jenni Ilomaki

Centre for Medicine Use Safety

Prof Aron Shlonsky

Social Work

Dr Sonja De New

Centre for Health Economics

Dr Jennifer Schumann

Dr Jennifer Schumann (Pilgrim)

Forensic Medicine

A/Prof Victoria Manning

Turning Point

Dr Rowan Ogeil

Turning Point

Dr Katharina Voigt

Turner Institute for Brain and Mental Health

Dr Shalini Arunogiri

Turning Point 

Dr Michael Savic

Turning Point


Dr Debbie Scott

Turning Point

Dr Fraser Tull



Dr Tina Lam

Monash Addiction Research Centre

Dr Laura Alfrey

Curriculum & Pedagogy


Dr Liz Sturgiss

General Practice