The impacts of increased gambling opportunities on gambling behaviour and related harms among older Victorians

Investigators: Prof David Johnston, A/Prof Nicole Black

This project conducted by MARC members Prof David Johnston and A/Prof Nicole Black from the Centre for Health Economics (CHE) investigated the health, social and economic consequences of increased gambling opportunities for older Victorians. Specifically, the project estimated the causal effects of increasing the residential proximity and density of electronic gambling machines (EGM) on gambling behaviour and gambling-related harms among older Victorians. It also identified the groups of older Victorians whose gambling behaviour and wellbeing are most affected.

Research snapshot

Featured publications

Badji, S, Black, N & Johnston, D. 2020. Association between density of gaming venues in a geographical area and prevalence of insolvency: longitudinal evidence from Australia. Addiction. 10.1111/add.15090

Project Funder

This study was funded by the Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation (VRGF) Gambling Research Program.