How to Apply

The Bachelor of Medical Science(Honours) M3701


To apply for BMedSc(Hons) M3701, there is a 2-step process:

1. Fill in the project application form below, containing the supervisor and project details to request support from the School.

2. Fill in the course application form via MyApp. During the myAPP process, you will need to upload the notification email that demonstrates that the School supports your project application.

BMedSc(Hons) application coming soon.

Applications for 2023 will open May 16th 2022 and close August 3rd 2022.

Applications from international Monash medical students can be submitted at any time.

Applications from medical students from other Universities and medical graduates can be submitted at any time.


The application form will not be considered complete without the mandatory signatures of:

  • The Candidate
  • The Monash Main Supervisor
  • Co-Supervisor/s
  • By the appropriate BMedSc(Hons) School Representative 

Please allow at least one week before the deadline to obtain all required signatures.

School Representatives


BMedSc(Hons) Representatives

Central Clinical School

Professor Karin Jandeleit-Dahm

Professor Merlin Thomas

Eastern Health Clinical School

Dr Pavel Sluka

Biomedicine Discovery Institute

Professor Tim Cole

School of Clinical Sciences at Monash Health

Dr. Rimma Goldberg

School of Primary and Allied Health Care

Dr. A/Prof. Kelly Bowles

School of Public Health & Preventive Medicine

Dr Chris Barton

School of Rural Health

Dr David Reser

Information for Supervisor

When meeting with your potential supervisor, please draw their attention to page 4 on the application form.  This outlines  the programs expectations of your supervisor (the supervisor is required to mark a literature review and thesis of another student within the cohort).

Supervisor should ensure that if statistical analysis is required for the project that they have either the capacity or necessary statistical support to assist the student. Funds are not available from the Faculty BMedSc(Hons) office for statistical support.

Apply for the course online at E-Admissions

Apply online at My.APP:

After your online application has been supported by the School BMedSc(Hons) representative, you will receive a notification email stating their support. You will then need to print that email in pdf format and upload it into the My.APP. portal to formally apply for course entry.
Ensure you apply for the correct Honours course code - M3701 Bachelor of Medical Science Honours.

Additional steps for external Monash applicants

In addition to the Direct application form, you will need to upload the following certified documents.

  1. Certified Transcripts of your medical degree studies
  2. Evidence of English Language Proficency
  3. You may be required to provide more details regarding your course content to establish course

Application Outcome

Applications will be assessed by the BMedSc(Hons) Course Management Committee.
The outcome will be known before the deadline for you to submit your Year 5 preference.

Mandatory Attendance Requirement at Clayton Campus

Foundation Skills Orientation - 2023 (20st to 24th Feb) (will be 2 days in 'O' week)
Faculty Presentations” - Swotvac week (23rd to 27th Oct 2023)