Dean’s Rural List (DRL)

If you identify as having a rural background you may be able to boost your chances of entry into the medicine programs. Applicants may apply to be considered for a place in the course via the Dean's Rural List (DRL).

'Rural areas' in this instance means rural areas in Australia only.

Once applications are closed, all eligible applicants for the Direct Entry or Graduate Entry Medicine course will be notified by the Faculty Admissions Unit to submit additional information to confirm their eligibility requirements for the DRL. This information needs to be submitted directly to the Faculty. Failure to do so could result in a missed opportunity to be invited to interview.


To be eligible, the applicant must have resided (according to their principal home address) for at least 5 years consecutively or 10 years cumulatively in areas classified as RA 2-5 (ASGS-RA: Australian Statistical Geography Standard - Remoteness Areas).

How to Check your Eligibility

The RA classification of many towns can be checked by consulting the Health Workforce Locator.

  • Click on the Start now button
  • Choose the Search a location tab (or Search the map, it does not make any difference which option you choose)
  • Start typing your full address in the Address (required) box.  As you type, appropriate addresses will be displayed and you can choose the correct one. Note:  If your actual address does not appear, try just typing in the town.
  • Choose the fourth option - Australian Statistical Geographic Standard Remoteness Areas and then 2016 as the appropriate year from Classification (required).
  • Click on Search location.
  • The RA classification of that address will appear beside the heading ASGS-RA 2016 (Code)
  • Repeat for any additional address that you have resided at.

Further Requirements

If you apply for the medicine program and meet all the prerequisites for the program then apply for the Dean's Rural List when required and are invited for an interview, you will have to submit a Statutory Declaration on the day of your interview.  Upon request, you may also be required to provide verification of the address and date information you have provided when you applied for the DRL.

Further Information

Please see the information on the School of Rural Health web page for further information regarding this scheme.