Last Updated: 01 April 2024

Graduate Entry - Domestic applicants

2025 Entry - Domestic Brochure

Approximately 72 domestic students are accepted into the graduate entry medicine program at our Gippsland (Churchill) campus each year. Of these, 30 places are held for the End-to-End Rural Cohort. In addition, the Federal Government has advised all Medical schools across Australia that approximately 28.5% of all places must be set aside as Bonded Medical Places (BMP).

At least 70% of the available places in the Graduate Entry Medicine program are reserved for students who have completed the full three-year Bachelor of Biomedical Science at Monash University.

Inclusive Medical Education

Monash University has a mission to graduate medical students who have the ability and motivation to become the highly capable, safe to practice, patient-focused, and socially-accountable doctors that our communities need.

With the support of Medical Deans Australia and New Zealand (Medical Deans) we are committed to foster a culture of inclusivity and the provision of equivalent opportunities to access our medical programs for people who have the capabilities to become good doctors, but who have been historically disadvantaged or under-represented as highlighted in the Medical Deans Selection Policy Statement, there are clear benefits to the community of broad representation in the medical workforce of diverse population groups, including of those with a disability.

For information, download and read the Medical Deans Inclusive Medical Education document.

Indigenous Students

You can join a vibrant and growing group of Indigenous MD students studying at Monash University. The Monash University Indigenous Student Access Scheme recognises the systemic under representation of Indigenous Australians in higher education and seeks to remedy this.

Whether you are interested in starting a health career or furthering your existing career and study - we invite you to attend an interview with the Gukwonderuk Indigenous Unit. Interviews can be face-to-face or online and you can bring a family member or friend to accompany you. The interview has several benefits:

  • You meet with Indigenous staff from the Faculty;
  • You can share your career and study aspirations;
  • It helps us understand your previous study and life experience;
  • You will find out more about scholarships and accommodation options;
  • You will find out more about study, cultural and social programs for Indigenous students at Monash; and,
  • Understand more about bridging or pathway programs if you need them.

To attend an interview simply fill in this form. For more information please contact