Pathways into Physiotherapy

If you are unsuccessful at gaining a place in the Bachelor of Physiotherapy (Honours) straight from Year 12 study, a pathway into the course is to study at least one year of full time University study and achieve an average grade of at least 70+ (distinction level) and then re-apply the following year.

There is no specific degree that will give you an advantage during selection as a Non-Year 12 applicant. An applicant's entire academic record is considered during selection. This includes ensuring the pre-requisite subjects or equivalents are met and where relevant, a demonstrated ability to study at a tertiary level (as shown by GPA).

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Another alternative pathway is to apply for an Internal Transfer into the Bachelor of Physiotherapy (Honours) from any Monash University degree.

To apply for an internal transfer students must have completed at least 48 credit points and achieved at least a distinction grade average in their university studies in order for their application to be considered.

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