Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs for short courses in Paediatric Physiotherapy

Who do I contact if I have a question?

Enquiries are best sent by email to:

What is the workload for online short courses in paediatric physiotherapy?

This course is delivered via four x 1 week modules of online learning content - some will be articles that you need to read, some will be online case vignettes (patient history, patient video footage), some will be online lectures. Each week there are assessment tasks that you will need to complete - generally multiple choice quizzes and/or short or extended answers that you complete in a word document and submit. You receive feedback on your assessments from a remote tutor. Depending on your prior knowledge, most participants find that they take between 4-12 hours a week to work through the content (at their own time).

Are there any assessments during the course, or at the end of the course?

Each week there are assessment tasks that you will need to complete - generally multiple choice quizzes and/or short or extended answers that you complete in a word document and submit. You receive feedback on your assessments either automatically (for online quizzes) or from a remote tutor. There are no assessments associated with the face to face day (attendance only).

How much does it cost?

It costs $A800.

How do I register for the course?

Registration occurs via our online registration portal (ecart). You will need a credit card to pay for the course via ecart.  Once the course reaches maximum enrolments, registration will close off (or one week prior to commencement if maximum numbers not reached).

My employer is going to fund this course but cannot do the online payment via credit card that is available. Can you invoice my workplace to facilitate my attendance?

Yes that is no problem, please send an email with the contact details of where/ who to send the invoice to, ABN and registrants name, email contact number and address.

What happens after I have registered/ paid?

Once you have registered/paid, we will send you online log in details and more information about the course approximately one week prior to course commencement.

Participants will have an extra 4 weeks access to the online learning site at the end of their course.

I am an overseas Physiotherapist, can I take the course, is there any English language requirements to enrol this course?

While we welcome the participation of qualified international physiotherapists, please be mindful of the following points before you register:

  1. For all Monash University physiotherapy courses, including short courses, you must meet the minimum English language requirements which is the equivalent to International English Language Testing System (IELTS) 7.0 (no band lower than 6.5)
  2. The courses have been developed for the Australian context and may or may not be relevant to international settings.

Can I enrol in the course after the start date?

No, you cannot enrol after the start date.

I will miss some of the course as I am away on leave, can I still do it?

There is some flexibility in assessment deadlines. Speak to the course coordinator regarding your particular circumstances.

Can I get a refund?

Please note cancellation policy:

Participants who cancel 4 weeks prior to course commencement will be entitled to a refund, less a $100 administration fee.

Participants that cancel less than 4 weeks before course commencement will be entitled to a 50% refund of the cost of the paediatric short course, and after course commencement no refunds will be issued.

Do I get a certificate at the end of the course?

Yes we will endeavour to hand this out on the day. However we may also post the certificate to you if you do not receive it on the day (certificate will be sent to the address provided in online registration).

What type of certificate will I be issued at the end of this course?

You will receive a Certificate of Participation after completing all learning activities of the paediatric short course.

Short courses do not directly align with post graduate qualifications. A post graduate qualification (such as a graduate certificate or graduate diploma or masters) requires a much higher level of academic rigour and more extensive assessments (eg 2000 word essays).

If you are interested in doing the Masters of Advanced Paediatric Physiotherapy Practice, you can be granted up to 6 credit points from the paediatric short courses that you have completed. For more information about the Masters go to

I haven’t done any paediatrics since qualifying as a physiotherapist, which course would be suitable for me?

The introductory course (Enhancing skills in paediatric physiotherapy) although claiming to present 'introductory' content, is a worthwhile overview of the clinical practice areas (neuro, musc, cardio etc), settings (acute, subacute, community) and age range (infant through to adolescent). A number of highly experienced staff who have worked in a particular paediatric area for some years, have found it useful to revisit latest evidence pertaining to the wide scope of paediatric physio practice.

We have had several experienced clinicians take the course as a refresher and found that although some sections contained revision content, there is significant new content that they found worthwhile

Do I need study leave to complete the course?

The four weeks of content is delivered online - most clinicians have found that they can manage the study load by doing after hours or weekend study. The face to face day is on a Saturday - unless you are rostered to work every weekend you should not need study leave.

Participants will have an extra 4 weeks access to the online learning site at the end of their course.

Do I need to do the introductory course (Enhancing skills in paediatric physiotherapy) before I can do any of the ‘Advancing skills’ series?

We do recommend that all participants do the introductory course before they do the Advancing Skills series. This is because these courses build on introductory content provided in the ‘Enhancing skills’ course. However, experienced clinicians can apply for an exemption by submitting a brief (one page) CV outlining clinical practice experience and professional development undertaken in paediatrics since graduation. If you wish to apply for an exemption submit your request to

Is there a set amount of professional development hours I can claim for this course?

Yes, each online paediatric course contributes to an estimated 40 hours of professional development.

Do I need any special software or computer hardware to do the short courses?

The majority of the course learning resources will be delivered by an on line learning site (Health Professional Education Online) within Monash University.

It is assumed you will have sufficient computer literacy to be able to:

  1. Send email.
  2. Receive email and open attachments including PDF, word, video files.
  3. Type at approximately 20 words per minute.

Technology Requirements: Successful completion of this course will require:

  1. A PC that is relatively recent
  2. Broadband internet access (cable, ADSL or ADSL2)
  3. A web browser such as Internet Explorer, Firefox or Safari
  4. The ability to view PDF files, word documents, YouTube videos and mp4 and flv video files (the program VLC media player will open flv types of files and is free to download).

Do the online short courses count as a credit towards the Masters in Advanced Health Care Practice (Paediatric physiotherapy)?

The Masters units do not strictly speaking directly align with the short courses of the same name permitting direct credit (as the level of assessment required from a post grad qualification is much more rigorous than a short course). However, a combination of one or more short courses, other professional development, and clinical experience can be shaped to argue for credit towards one 6CP unit.   Additional credit can be requested if post graduate qualifications in paediatrics (e.g. diploma or certificate) have been gained.

I am interested in the Masters of Advanced Paediatric Physiotherapy Practice. Can you give me some more information?

Please find attached a link to the Masters of Advanced Health Care Practice (umbrella course), under which sits the Masters of Advanced Paediatric Practice.