About us

We’re a hub of expertise drawn from a variety of clinical and research areas, all relevant to heart health, and in particular, the use of drugs, devices and other clinical interventions to treat them.

Arising out of a Federal Government funded research program, since 2003 we’ve improved the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of chronic and acute heart conditions by undertaking complex and diverse research, including lab-based studies, clinical trials, clinical registries, health services research and health economic analyses.

We’re proud to build on the legacy of our founding leader, the late Professor Henry Krum, who established the Centre in partnership with then Head of School Professor John McNeil, Cardiologist Professor Andrew Tonkin, Biostatistician Professor Andrew Forbes, Anaesthesiologist Professor Paul Myles, and Rheumatologist Professor Flavia Cicuttini.

Our current research foci lie in three main areas: clinical trials, clinical quality cardiovascular registry management, and the secondary prevention of cardiovascular disease.

Meet the team

Database Analyst

  • Mark Lucas – Team Lead (Health Data Services), Cardiac Registries ANZSCTS and VCOR
  • Milinda Abayawardana – Visualisation Analyst, National Cardiac Registry

Research Assistants

  • Harriet Carruthers – VCOR and National Cardiac Registry
  • Ashley Fletcher – Senior Project Officer, ANZSCTS Database Program
  • Noah Solman – Program Coordinator, ANZSCTS Database Program

Research Officers

  • Janine Doyle – VCOR
  • Lemmy Eliakundu – Cardiac Emergencies
  • Nicole Marrow – ANZSCTS Database Program
  • Jenna McLaren – ANZSCTS Database Program
  • Mathilda Wise – National Cardiac Registry

Administrative Support

  • Maya Zeltser
  • David Edmonds

Research Adjuncts

  • Professor Danny Liew
  • Professor Bryan PY Yan
  • Professor Ben Smith
  • Associate Professor Zanfina Ademi
  • Associate Professor Andrew Ajani
  • Associate Professor Bing Wang
  • Dr Ar Kar Aung

PhD Students

  • Dr Jason Bloom
  • Dr Luke Dawson
  • Dr Hima Fernando
  • Dr Haryo Bismantaro
  • Thara Govindaraju
  • Mohammad Chowdhury