Pharmacotherapeutics in Cardiovascular Disease Research Program

Theme leader

Dr Stella Talic

Dr Talic is a clinical pharmacoepidemiologist that specialises in researching chronic disease therapeutic management using Real-World Evidence (RWE) methods.

RWE provides evidence of the utilisation and potential benefits or risks of a medical product, in this case the medicines. Common sources include electronic health records (EHRs), hospital episode data, insurance claims data, patient registry data, clinical audits, and observational cohort studies. RWE provides a more complete picture of treatment effectiveness within a real-world patient population by overcoming design limitations of clinical trials. By applying RWE to her studies, Dr Talic ensures the findings are immediately relevant and translatable.

Our current work focuses on understanding the complex relationship between cardiovascular medications and long-term clinical outcomes by studying utilisation, adherence and persistence patterns, as well as safety, and effectiveness of medications in managing CV conditions. We strive to influence health policy decisions and clinical guidelines to ultimately improve long-term cardiovascular disease management and reduce the burden of CVD.

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