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CCRET is a favoured learning and training ground for clinicians and researchers alike. Our collegial atmosphere, access to highly regarded experts in the fields of cardiovascular epidemiology, cardiovascular disease, clinical trials and big data management, along with excellent support and mentoring, makes us a uniquely resourced and supportive destination for Higher Degree by Research (HDR) students.

Hear from some of our current and former Higher Degree by Research students:

Dr Peter Lee

Dr Peter Lee, PhD

Graduated 2022

“My doctoral project was based on exploring the economic impacts attributed to improvements in cardiac care. I chose to undertake this project due to the considerable public health and policy implications attributed to research conducted at the CCRET. Additionally, I had a sentimental reason for undertaking this project at the centre, having completed an honours project with the late Professor Henry Krum many years prior. I was fortunate to have a team of fantastic supervisors, as well as mentorship and support which was second-to-none. It was also inspiring to see fellow researchers and postgraduate students further develop their skills, oftentimes at an exponential level. Lastly, the knowledge that my research findings will inform further changes in clinical practice and improve patient quality-of-care and outcomes is most rewarding."

Dr Clara Marquina

Dr Clara Marquina, PhD

Graduated 2022

Clara is a Spanish scientist with experience working in research institutions across Spain, Sweden and Australia. She obtained her BSc in Madrid majoring in Biomedicine and Neuroscience and she then achieved her MSc in Biotechnology with HD at the University of Barcelona. One of the main things that she valued of her time at CCRET was the support she got from colleagues and supervisors. Another highlight was, with no doubt, being able to produce excellent, world-class work among top experts in the field in a very relaxed and welcoming atmosphere. Clara’s PhD work focused on the health economics aspects of cardiovascular care in Australia, quantifying and analysing the burden of CVD in Australia from both a healthcare and societal perspective. Her thesis also aimed to present and evaluate novel prevention (including screening and treatment) and management strategies that could improve the provision of high-value care, maximising population health while at the same time targeting healthcare spending and reducing productivity losses due to ill-health.

A/Prof Zanfina Ademi

Associate Professor Zanfina Ademi, PhD

Graduated 2011

A/Prof Ademi is currently the Health Economics Lead at the Centre for Medicine Use and Safety, within Monash University’s Faculty of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences. "Being a PhD student within CCRET has been a privilege and a pleasure. I learned the art of epidemiological and economic modelling, and enjoyed the collegiality and support of staff."

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