A cluster randomised control trial

The primary aim  of ACCORd (The Australian Contraceptive ChOice pRoject) is to increase the  uptake of Long Acting Reversible Contraceptives (LARCs) amongst Australian  women by trialling a complex intervention that involves training GPS to provide  ‘LARC First’ structured contraceptive counselling and implementing rapid  referral pathways to LARC insertion.

ACCORd is a cluster randomised control trial with GPs who  are randomly allocated to one of two trial arms:

  • Intervention Arm – GPs undertake training  in ‘LARC First’ structured contraceptive counselling and have available rapid  referral pathways to a LARC insertion clinic for instances where the GP does  not undertake insertions in their own rooms.
  • Control Arm –GPs provide usual  contraceptive care.

Women, patients  of the participating GPs, will be recruited for each arm.

Trial  registration number: pending.

Study Site

ACCORd is being  conducted amongst GPs practicing in Melbourne, Australia.


The primary outcome  of ACCORd will be the number of  LARCs inserted; secondary outcomes include women’s choice of contraceptive  method and Qualtiy of Life (SF-36). The costs and outcomes of the intervention  and control will also be compared in a cost-effectiveness analysis.

Time frame

The study  commenced in January 2015 and will run for four years.

Now recruiting

Monash University are seeking GPs who work three or more sessions per week, are based at a computerised practice, and have a receptionist who can assist with recruitment.

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