MD Scholarly Intensive Placement (SIP)

MED5101 MD Scholarly Intensive Placement (SIP)

A Scholarly Intensive Placement (SIP) with the Department of General Practice (DGP) will see you undertake a professional placement with scholarly work, or be involved with internationally recognised research streams on a variety of projects.

The Monash DGP will be offering 3 categories of SIP in 2022. Some administrative and assessment processes are aligned with our home school, the SPHPM. Below you will find interviews with students who undertook their SIP with the DGP in 2020, in addition to a short description of each category.

Research Stream SIP

You will spend 6 weeks working in research within the DGP (Notting Hill). The DGP research teams have an outstanding track record across a breadth of topics including known areas of excellence; Women’s Health, General Practice Data & Linkage, Vulnerable Populations, and Prevention and Management of Chronic and Complex Conditions. Standalone projects may occasionally be offered, but most students will join a project already underway. Specific topics will vary in each rotation. You will benefit from being involved in a Department well known for its welcoming and supportive approach to students.

Professional Practice SIP

Spending some time in a general practice (various locations) seeing patients and the rest of your time working on a project within that practice, you will gain valuable pre-intern clinical experience while developing skills in scholarly work benefiting patients and practices. Projects will vary depending on the practice and may include; auditing files for a particular condition and comparing to best practice; producing patient information handouts; case report(s) research. You will benefit from one on one clinical experience and scholarly work.

BMedSc (Hons) Student SIP

BMedSc (Hons) students who completed their year with the DGP can choose to complete their 6 week SIP with the DGP and continue their work, write papers or commence new work as negotiated with their primary supervisor.

For more information about DGP SIPs, please contact:

Dr Tim Staunton Smith MBBS, FRACGP, MPH
Senior Lecturer

Please note: a new DGP SIP Academic Coordinator will be commencing in early 2022.