General Practitioners Prevention and Management of Road Traffic Crash Injuries

Funded by the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners, $60,000

Danielle Mazza1, Alex Collie2, Bianca Brijnath1, Michelle Sterling3, Peter Schattner1, Nabita Singh1

  1. Department of General Practice, Monash University
  2. Institute for Safety, Recovery and Compensation Research, Monash University
  3. Centre of Clincal Research Excellence in Spinal Pain, Injury & Health, The University
    of Queensland

RA: Ms Nabita Singh

The RACGP/MAIC Research Grant aims to identify the research and education needs of general practitioners in relation to the prevention and management of road traffic crash injuries. The study comprises a national survey of 300 GPs and study findings will be used to inform the development of education and training resources for GPs in this area.