Our intervention

The IMPRovE intervention components intended to improve guideline concordance via social interactions, tailored to the needs of participating GPs, accompanied by credible and evidence-based advice from opinion leaders, and reinforced over a period of time to promote implementation, embedment and integration of the guideline in practice.

Its various components included:

  1. The flexible nature of the academic detailing session, as shown to be a cost-effective method to improve guideline-based care by GPs through peer-to-peer learning. The 60-minute long session, co-delivered with a professional academic detailer who we have engaged through the National Prescribing Service, enabled our GP opinion leader to adapt a session so that it meets the needs of the GP participants.
  2. The flexible nature of a virtual community of practice, enabling clinicians to choose what topics they engage with and how. Our GPs were enrolled into a digital community of practice created to highlight the Guideline and its recommendations through case studies, podcasts, webinars and panel discussions, and enable GPs to develop a shared repertoire of resources and ways of addressing recurring problems.
  3. The provision of credible and relevant resources, equipping GPs with practical tools to assist them to apply the guidelines in their clinical practice.