Publication List - Centre Report Series - 2006

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Report No.
Key Words
Year /Pages
245 Oxley, J., Charlton, J.,
Fildes, B., Koppel, S.,
Scully, J., Congiu, M. & Moore, K.
Crash risk of older female drivers Older driver, safety, gender, crash risk, functional performance, travel patterns, countermeasure 2005/245p
.pdf [2.6MB]
246 Hosking, S.G.
Young, K.L.
Regan, M.A.
The effects of text messaging on young novice driver performance Text messaging; young drivers; driver distraction 2006/40p
.pdf [346KB]
247 Logan, D.,
Scully, J.,
Sharwood, L.,
Xafis, V. & Fildes, B
ANCIS - Progress report, July 2003 - December 2005 In-depth, crash investigation, injury, injury severity, vehicle safety, airbag, seat belt use, road infrastructure, crash analysis, single vehicle crashes, multiple vehicle crashes, urban, rural 2006/82p
.pdf [1.1MB]
248 Newstead, S.V.
Cameron, M.H.
Watson, L.M.
Vehicle safety ratings estimated from police reported crash data: 2006 update Australian and New Zealand crashes during 1987-2004 Injury, vehicle occupant, collision, passenger car unit, passive safety system, statistics 2006/230p
.pdf [1.0MB]
249 Delaney, A.
Diamantopoulou, K.
Cameron, M.
Strategic principles of drink-driving enforcement Drink-driving, enforcement, random breath testing 2006/28p
.pdf [219KB]
250 Charlton, J., Koppel, S.
Fitzharris, M.
Congiu, M. & Fildes, B.
Factors that influence children’s booster seat use

Child safety, booster seats, child seats, child restraints, safety, countermeasure

.pdf [840KB]
251 Watson, L.M.
Cameron, M.H.
Bicycle and motor vehicle crash characteristics Accident, Bicycle, Bicycle Rider, Cyclist, Collision, Crash, Injury, Motorcyclist, Motor Vehicle, Motorist, Pedestrian, Road User, Vehicle, Chart 2006/96p
.pdf [3.5MB]
252 Stephan, K.,
Hosking, S.,
Regan, M.,
Verdoorn, A.,
Young, K.
& Haworth, N.
The relationship between driving performance and the Johns Drowsiness Scale as measured by the Optalert system Drowsiness, driving performance, simulation, system evaluation, road safety, fatigue, intelligent transport systems 2006/43p
.pdf [838KB]
253 Regan, M.,
Triggs, T.,
Young, K.
Tomasevic, N.
Mitsopoulos, E.
Stephan, K.
Tingvall, C.
On-road evaluation of Intelligent Speed Adaptation, Following Distance Warning and Seatbelt Reminder Systems: final results of the TAC SafeCar project Intelligent Transport Systems; Intelligent Speed Adaptation; Following Distance Warning; Seat Belt Reminder; Acceptability; Intelligent Vehicles; Road Safety; Advanced Driver Assistance Systems 2006/270p
.pdf [1.9MB]
Vol 2 - appendices
.pdf [10.3MB]
254 Charlton, J., Oxley, J., Scully, J., Koppel, S., Congiu, M., Muir, C. & Fildes, B. Self-regulatory driving practices of older drivers in the ACT and NSW Older driver, safety, behaviour, crash risk, travel patterns, countermeasure 2006/136p
.pdf [1.0MB]
255 Whelan, M., Langford, J., Oxley, J., Koppel, S. & Charlton, J. The elderly and mobility: a review of the literature Older road users, mobility, travel needs, driving, quality of life, crash risk, safety, education, road design, vehicle design, public transport 2006/118p
.pdf [847KB]
257 Salmon, P. M., Regan, M. A. & Johnston, I. Human Error and Road Transport: Phase Two – A framework for an error tolerant road transport system Human error and road transport: Phase two – A framework for an error tolerant road transport system 2006/53p
.pdf [816KB]
258 Keall, M.D., Newstead, S.V. & Scully, J. Projecting effects of improvements in passive safety of the New Zealand light vehicle fleet to 2010 Injury, vehicle occupant, collision, passenger car unit, passive safety system, statistics, crashworthiness 2006/23p
.pdf [258KB]
260 Bayly, M., Regan, M. & S. Hosking, S. Intelligent Transport Systems and motorcycle safety Intelligent transport systems (ITS), motorcycle, motorcycle safety, crash types 2006/64p
.pdf [747KB]
261 Hoareau, E., Newstead, S. & Cameron, M. An evaluation of the default 50 km/h speed limit in Victoria Evaluation, default speed limit, crash analysis, speed, statistics, Poisson regression 2006/44p
.pdf [443KB]