Publication List - Centre Report Series - 2007

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Report No.
Key Words
Year /Pages
259 Delaney, A.,
Newstead, S., Watson, L.
The influence of trends in heavy vehicle travel on road trauma in the light vehicle fleet Heavy vehicles, crashworthiness, safety, passenger vehicles 2007/57p
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262 Keall, M. & Newstead, S. Four-wheel drive vehicle crash involvement risk, rollover risk and injury rate in comparison to other passenger vehicles: estimates based on Australian and New Zealand crash data and on New Zealand motor vehicle register data

Injury, collision, statistics, crashworthiness, primary safety, secondary safety, risk

263 Newstead, S.
& D’Elia, A.
An investigation into the relationship between vehicle colour and crash risk Crash risk, vehicle colour, statistical analysis, induced exposure 2007/20p
.pdf [442KB]
264 Hoareau, E., Newstead, S., Oxley, P. & Cameron, M. An evaluation of 50 km/h speed limits in South East Queensland   2007/37p
.pdf [613KB]
265 Hosking, S., Newstead, S., Hoareau, E. & Delaney, A. An evaluation of the 50km/h default speed limit in regional Queensland Speed limit, crash analysis, speed survey 2007/31p
.pdf [418KB]
266 Newstead, S.V., Cameron, M.H. & Watson, L.M. Vehicle safety ratings estimated from police reported crash data: 2007 update Australian and New Zealand crashes during 1987-2005

Injury, vehicle occupant, collision, passenger car unit, passive safety system, statistics

266 supplement Newstead, S.V., Cameron, M.H. & Watson, L.M. Trends in crashworthiness of the New Zealand vehicle fleet by year of manufacture: 1964 to 2005 Injury, vehicle occupant, collision, passenger car unit, passive safety system, statistics 2007/36p
.pdf [452KB]
267 D’Elia, A., Newstead, S. & Cameron, M. Overall impact during 2001-2004 of Victorian speed-related package Speed, enforcement, impact evaluation, statistical analysis 2007/44p
.pdf [486KB]
268 Bobevski, I., Hosking. S., Oxley, P. & Cameron, M. Generalised linear modelling of crashes and injury severity in the context of the speed-related initiatives in Victoria during 2000-2002 Crash models, speed, enforcement, camera, flashless, hours, threshold, tolerance 2007/94p
.pdf [608KB]
269 Bobevski, I., Clark, B., Lenné, M., Keall, M., Diamantopoulou K. & Cameron, M. Development of Road Safety Behaviour, Travel and Exposure Surveys in Victoria Travel survey, observational survey, behavioural survey, on-road survey 2007/69p
.pdf [5.8MB]
270 M. Cameron
A. Delaney
Development of strategies for best practice in speed enforcement in Western Australia: Final report Traffic enforcement 2007/74p
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271 Scully, J. & Newstead, S. Preliminary evaluation of electronic stability control effectiveness in Australasia

Electronic Stability Control, vehicle fleet, evaluation, driver injury, future benefits

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Newstead, S., Bobevski, I., Hosking, S. & Cameron, M.

Evaluation of the Queensland Road Safety Initiatives Package Evaluation, accident, police, enforcement, publicity, statistical analysis 2007/87p
.pdf [658KB]
273 Newstead, S.V., Watson, L.M. & Cameron, M.H. An index for total secondary safety of light passenger vehicles estimated from police reported crash data Injury, vehicle occupant, collision, passenger car unit, passive safety system, statistics 2007/115p
278 Hosking, S., Mulvihill, C., Edquist, J., Lenné, M., Stephan, K., Symmons, M., Murdoch, C. & Archer, J.
Evaluation of associative learning methods to train drivers to give way to motorcyclists

Associative learning, motorcycle safety, intersection crashes

.pdf [637KB]