Publication List - Centre Report Series - 1995

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Key Words
Year /Pages
67 Watt, GM Hospitalised injuries Victoria, July 1987-June 1993 Epidemiology, injury, overview, time trends, hospital use, patient bed-days, morbidity, all ages, unintentional injury, intentional injury, medical injury 1995/114p  
.pdf [4.9MB]
69 Finch, C
Ozanne-Smith, J
Williams, F
The feasibility of improved data collection methodologies for sports injuries Injury, data collection, surveillance, sport, recreation, sports participation 1995/188p
.pdf [9.6MB]
70 Williams, F
Ozanne-Smith, J
Day, L
Cameron, P
Leong, C
Evaluation of the implementation of the National Minimum Data Set for Injury Surveillance (NMDS-IS 0.3) Injury surveillance, minimum data set, emergency departments, computerisation 1995/23p
.pdf [1.1MB]
71 Watt, GM Private hospital injury admissions Victoria, January 1993-June 1994: A comparison with public hospitals Epidemiology, injury, overview, private hospitals, public hospitals, morbidity, all ages, unintentional injury, intentional injury 1995/70p  
.pdf [3..3MB]
72 Ozanne-Smith, J
Williams, F
National general practice injury survey: pilot study, October 1994, final report Injury surveillance, general practitioner, feasibility study, pilot, national, data quality 1995/49p  
.pdf [3MB]
73 Kent, S.
Corben, B.
Fildes, B.
Dyte, D.
Red light running behaviour at red light camera and control intersections Red light running, red light cameras, traffic flow, crash risk, SCRAM technology, crash occurrence 1995/46p  
.pdf [4.5MB]
74 Newstead, S.V.
Cameron, M.H.
Gantzer, S.
Vulcan, A.P.
Modelling of some major factors influencing road trauma trends in Victoria 1989-93 Statistical analysis, accident frequency, breath test, speed camera, advertising, economics, alcohol usage, accident black spot, young driver 1995/53p  
.pdf [3.1MB]
75 Newstead, S.V.
Cameron, M.H.
Gantzer, S.
Finch, C.F.
Bicyclist head injuries in Victoria three years after the introduction of mandatory helmet use Bicycle, crash helmet, cyclist, injury, evaluation (assessment), statistics, traffic regulations, regression analysis, safety 1994/42p
.pdf [1.8MB]
76 Carr, D.
Skalova, M.
Cameron, M.H.
Evaluation of the bicycle helmet wearing law in Victoria during its first four years Bicycle, crash helmet, cyclist, injury, evaluation (assessment), statistics, traffic regulations, safety, time series analysis 1995/41p  
.pdf [2.4MB]
77 Carr, D.
Dyte, D.
Cameron, M.H.
Analysis of high risk and high severity groups among motorcyclists Motorcycle, injury, road trauma, statistics, alcohol 1995/37p  
.pdf [2.5MB]
78 Newstead, S.V.
Mullan, N.G.
Cameron, M.H.
Evaluation of the speed camera program in Victoria 1990-1993. Phase 5: Further investigation of localised effects on casualty crash frequency Speed and evaluation (assessment), injury, collision, road trauma, traffic regulations, statistics, research report, speed camera, speed enforcement 1995/53p  
.pdf [3MB]
79 Mullan, N.
Diamantopoulou, K.
Cameron, M.
A relative comparison of the extent of drink-driving by females and males in Victoria Females, alcohol consumption, Blood Alcohol Content, drink-driving 1995/52p 
.pdf [3.1MB]
80 Corben, B.
Diamantopolou, K.
Pedestrian safety issues for Victoria Accident, pedestrian, speed limit, traffic engineering, traffic control devices, economic analysis, countermeasures 1996/82p 
.pdf [4.9MB]
81 Oxley, J.
Fildes, B.
Ihsen, E.
Day, R
Charlton, J.
An investigation of road crossing behaviour of older pedestrians Pedestrian, elderly, behaviour, injury, countermeasure 1995/95p  
.pdf [7.5MB]
82 Haworth, N.L.
Bowland, L.
Estimation of benefit-cost ratios for coin-operated breath testing Benefit cost analysis, breath test, drink driving 1995/91p  
.pdf [4MB]
83 Watson, W.L.
Ozanne-Smith, J.
Consumer product-related injury in Australia: Direct hospital and medical costs to government Consumer product safety, unintentional injury, cost of injury, Australia 1995/87p  
.pdf [392KB]
84 Diamantopoulou, K.
Brumen, I.
Dyte, D.
Cameron, M.
Analysis of trends in motorcycle crashes in Victoria Motorcycle, motorcycle rider, pillion passenger, road trauma, crash, injury, fatality, hospitalisation 1995/122p  
.pdf [7.3MB]