Publication List - Centre Report Series - 1996

Report titles with underlined links will take you to an Abstract or Executive Summary of the report.  Complete reports are available in .pdf format free of charge.
85 Cavallo, A.
Triggs, T.J.
Young driver research strategy Young drivers, research, countermeasures 1996/41p  
.pdf [2.2MB]
87 Haworth, N.L.
Schulze, M.T.
Motorcycle crash countermeasures: literature review and implementation workshop Motorcycle, injury, road trauma, countermeasures 1996/55p 
.pdf [1.1MB]
88 Diamantopoulou, K.
Skalova, M.
Dyte, D.
Cameron, M.
Crash risks of road user groups in Victoria Casualty crash risk, driving experience, young drivers, older drivers, exposure, confidence limits 1996/94p 
.pdf [12.2MB]
89 Diamantopoulou, K.
Dyte, D.
Cameron, M.
Seat belt wearing rates in Victoria: 1994 Seat belt, wearing rate, restraint use, exposure, vehicle occupant 1996/58p  
.pdf [4.4MB]
90 Diamantopoulou, K.
Skalova, M.
Cameron, M.
Casualty crash risks for motorcycle riders in Victoria: 1994 Motorcycle rider, crash risk, crash severity, exposure, car driver 1996/20p 
.pdf [970KB]
91 Diamantopoulou, K.
Cameron, M.
Preliminary investigation of increases in the 1995 road toll in Victoria Road fatalities, pedestrian, blood alcohol concentration, random breath test, unemployment, rural driver, alcohol sales 1996/26p  
.pdf [890KB]
92 Newstead, S.V.
Cameron, M.H.
Skalova, M.
Vehicle crashworthiness ratings: Victoria and NSW crashes during 1987-94 Injury, vehicle occupant, collision, passenger car unit, passive safety system, statistics 1996/18p  
.pdf [2.2MB]
93 Harrison, W.A. An exploratory investigation of aspects of drink-driving and enforcement in rural areas of Victoria Enforcement, police, alcohol, driver behaviour, drink-driving, random breath testing, rural areas 1996/30p 
.pdf [1.7 MB]
94 Kelsall, H.
Finch, C.F.
A review of countermeasures for snowboarding injuries Snowboarding, injury prevention, countermeasures, evaluation 1996/19p
.pdf [520KB]
95 Finch, C.F. The safety practices of sporting clubs and centres in the City of Hume Sport, sports injuries, injury prevention, sporting clubs, City of Hume 1996/21p  
.pdf [115KB]
96 Day, L. Dairy farm injury in Victoria Farm injury 1996/38p  
.pdf [1.8MB}
97 Finch, C.
Rechnitzer, G.
Hodgson, R.
Brumen, I.
Caple, D.
Manual handling risk assessment in manufacturing industries - a focus on women. (An evaluation of the manual handling risk assessment checksheets) Manual handling, tasks, injuries, occupational overuse syndrome, risk assessment, control strategies, code of practice 1996/120p + app
.pdf [22.7MB] (warning large file)
98 Newstead, S.V.
Mullan, N.G.
Evaluation of the crash effects of the changes in speed zones in Victoria during 1993-1994 (excluding 100 to 110 km/h) Speed limit, evaluation, injury accident, statistical analysis, traffic regulations, accident type, research report 1996/37p
.pdf [2.4MB]
Kelsall, H.L.
Finch, C.F.
A review of injury countermeasures and their effectiveness for alpine skiing Alpine skiing, downhill skiing, injury prevention, countermeasures, evaluation 1996/136p    
.pdf [450KB]
Kelsall, H.L.
Finch, C.F.
A review of injury countermeasures and their effectiveness for cross-country skiing Cross-country, skiing, injury prevention, countermeasures, evaluation 1996/59p      .pdf [220KB]
101 Corben, B.
Diamantopoulou, K.
Mullan, N.
Mainka, B.
Environmental countermeasures for alcohol-related pedestrian crashes Accident, pedestrian, alcohol, BAC, traffic engineering, traffic control devices, countermeasures 1996/151p
.pdf [64MB] (warning large file)
102 Vulcan, P.
Cameron, M.
Mullan, N
Dyte, D.
Possibility of adapting some road safety measures successfully applied in Victoria to South Australia Road trauma reductions, random breath testing, speed cameras, enforcement, publicity 1996/75p
.pdf [2.8MB]
Finch, C.F.
Watt, G.M.
Locking the stable door: preventing equestrian injuries Equestrian, horse riding, injury prevention, countermeasures, evaluation 1996/90p  
.pdf [780KB]
McGrath, A.C.
Finch, C.F.
Running the race against injuries: a review of the literature Running, injury prevention, overuse injuries, countermeasures, evaluation 1996/86p   
.pdf [320KB]
McGrath, A.C.
Finch, C.F.
Bowling cricket injuries over: a review of the literature Cricket, bowling, injury prevention, overuse, collisions, evaluation, countermeasures 1996/87p   
.pdf [650KB]
Finch, C.F.
Valuri, G.M.
McGrath, A.C.
Pitching injury prevention to baseballers and softballers: A review of the literature Baseball, softball, injury prevention, countermeasures, evaluation 1996/70p  
.pdf [220KB]