A Poem Against War

By Kalyani Thakur Charal

While we were running through the kargil
Riding your white pegasus
While we were crossing Kabul, Kandahar
We knelt down before the ravishes Bamiyan

Ashmed, we sought forgiveness on behalf of
the bare civilization
O Tathagata, things are going on the same
As they were, two and a half thousand years
You fought hard, same thing are we doing

While we were crossing Israel, Palestine
The flag in my hand changed its colors
Time and again, sometimes tricolor’d
Green-red with a crescent sometimes,
Or red and blue with white star, or else
I knew not when it turned all white
Then, on reaching the farthest dot on earth
we firmly grounded the flag and
Returned on a quest for an earth a new

Translated by shishir Roy
From Ashow series part of the book Dharlai Juddho Sunischit