The Stone Speaks in the Forest

By Chandrakanta Murasingh

Writing Sample : a poem translated into English

The pretty golden deer grew restless
And suddenly came running
Into this amlaki grove
Looking for a mate.
The stone did not speak,
The deer will leave now.

One day the King arrived, lights played
He stood, with his foot
Pressing the forehead of the stone
And looking to find which way
His prey was on the run
The weight of feet tormenting the hill
The stone was silent because
The pain was not his alone.

A man with a broken heart came today
Accompanied by his lady love
Sprayed dreams and tears on the stone
And went away rowing upstream.
They will build their home in the deep forest.

Water runs, the laidom leaves quiver
Hachukrai drags his bamboo raft
There is a market downstream, on a sandy islet,
Wondering, who will respond now
The stone speaks in the forest
With bow and arrow in hand


Laidom : wild and swinging leaf;
Hachukrai : name of a poor villager