Credit process

  1. Students applying for credit for prior learning must follow the University’s application processes.
  2. Credit assessments are made by assessors designated by the Dean.
  3. The Faculty will use relevant benchmarking tools to assess unit weightings, unit levels, and the amount of credit granted.  These tools may include, but are not limited to, the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS), the University Mobility in Asia and the Pacific Credit Transfer Scheme (UCTS), and the Country Education Profiles issued by the Australian government.
  4. Credit will not be granted for study undertaken whilst a student is on intermission, deferment or suspension from a Faculty of Business and Economics course.
  5. Where units of equivalent credit points share an 80% or greater overlap in learning objectives, curriculum, assessment, and content, then the units are considered equivalent; specified credit or exemption credit may be granted.
  6. Where units of equivalent credit points share less than 80% overlap in learning objectives, etc., then block credit or unspecified credit may be granted, including unspecified course-grouped credit (Business and Economics) or unspecified general course credit,
  7. The Faculty has defined the following as recency requirements for applications for credit. 
    • Undergraduate: 10 years prior to the credit application;
    • Graduate: 10 years prior to the credit application.

Studies completed outside of these time limits will not be considered for credit, except with the approval of the Dean (or delegate). (The time period is deemed to commence from the date of the unit result rather than the commencement of the unit.)

  1. Professional accreditation may restrict the amount of and type of credit that can be granted within certain courses, and may impose additional restrictions with respect to recency of study.
  2. For escalated (stage 2) student complaints regarding credit decisions, the appropriate contact is as per details on the Student Complaints and Grievances page.

Endorsed: FEC 10/2021 

Useful links

University webpage: Apply for credit for prior learning