Universal Mechanism

Universal Mechanism is a multi-body software package used for the simulation of kinematics and dynamics of mechanical systems, and includes a number of task-oriented modules specific to the simulation of railway vehicle dynamics: UM Loco, UM Train, UM Train3D, UM RCF, and UM Wheel-Rail Wear.

Monash University's Institute of Railway Technology (IRT) is the agent for Universal Mechanism (UM) software in the Australasian region. IRT has exclusive rights to sell and provide technical support for UM software to the railway industry in Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, Hong Kong, and Singapore..

Railway vehicles (diesel and electric locomotives, freight wagons, metro cars, and trams) can be simulated with Universal Mechanism. UM Software allows the user to create fully parameterized models of railway vehicles for efficient analysis and optimization of the vehicles' dynamic behaviour. Universal mechanism can also be used for wheel-rail interface and rollingstock performance management.

Key features of Universal Mechanism are as follows:

  • Capable of calculating longitudinal train dynamics through dumper and mainline
    • (simplified and 3D vehicle models)
    • Train make-up (number of cars/locos, axle loads)
    • Draft gear characteristics
    • Any macrogeometry (horizontal, vertical)
    • Different braking and traction modes
  • Special module for simulation of wear of wheel & rail profiles
  • Simulation of rolling contact fatigue damage in railway wheels
  • The most detailed models of the three-piece bogie and freight wagons
  • Fast and accurate wheel and rail contact models
  • Direct import of CAD models
  • Simultaneous calculation, animation and plot of results
  • Up-to-date user interface
  • FEM capability (also supports ANSYS and NASTRAN input)