IRT Rail Welding Workshop 2018 - Fundamentals to Frontiers

The Institute of Railway Technology at Monash University will be hosting a course on Rail Welding - Fundamentals to Frontiers from 27th to 31st August 2018.

The scope will cover rail welding processes including aluminothermic and flashbutt welding, and is structured for newcomers to the area on day 1, with days 2 and 3 going into the specifics of aluminothermic and flashbutt welding. Day 4 will look at future refinements of the welding standard to address challenges and issues that have arisen since this was last reviewed in 2012. Day 5 will provide practical demonstrations of the rail welding processes.

Presenters will include staff from IRT, as well as highly respected personnel from the rail industry and representatives from the AT welding suppliers, Railtech and Thermit.  The format will be sufficiently flexible to encourage interaction and sharing of ideas.  Railway engineers, technologists and managers responsible for any aspect of rail weld production, testing or performance are especially encouraged to attend. Please refer to the flyers for further details.