Important Dates - International applicants

Application and interview timeline for International applicants

2018 Entry


  • Interview times will be allocated at the discretion of the Faculty Admissions Unit.
  • Applicants should make themselves available for published dates if they wish to be considered for a place in Medicine at Monash.

Dates are subject to change. Please check back on a regular basis. 

InterviewsInterview LocationCohorts/
Sit ISAT byApply byApply viaOffers Made^
Tuesday 30 May
to Friday 2 June 2017
Conrad Hotel
Singapore, Malaysia
& other areas in Asia
24 April 24 AprilAgent or directly
to Monash online
Mid July

6 & 7 July 2017

Monash Sunway campus

Malaysia, Singapore
& other areas in Asia;

MUFY (Onshore and Offshore June) 

2 June
(all other applicants) 

2 June
(MUFY completing

2 June
(all other applicants)

2 June

Agent or directly
to Monash online

MUFY Online form

Mid July
Mon 4, Tues 5
Thurs 7 & Fri 8 September 2017
Toronto: 4 & 5 Sept
7 & 8 Sept
Canada & North America24 July
 NOTE: MCAT not required for Grad Entry Medicine
24 JulyAgent or directly
to Monash online
End September
Tues 12, Wed 13, Thurs 14 September 2017HONG KONG
Conrad Hotel
Hong Kong and other
areas of Asia
24 July24 JulyAgent or Monash Direct onlineEnd September
Thurs 23 & Fri 24
November 2017
Monash Clayton

Year 12 applicants

Foundation Years

Any other overseas
based applicants

16 Oct
(Onshore Year 12 and
Australian based foundation years)

16 October
(other overseas applicants) 

Australian based year 12 Close of timely VTAC

30 Sept MUFY
(completing Dec)

16 Oct (all other applicants)

VTAC (Onshore Year 12)

Online form (MUFY)

Agent or directly
to Monash online 

Onshore Yr 12: Early Jan 2018
via VTAC

All other applicants TBC

28 & 29 November 2017
(Dates to be confirmed)

Sunway campus

Offshore MUFY
(December Outtake)

Malaysia, Singapore
& other areas in Asia

20 October (MUFY December outtake)

20 October (all other applicants)

28 September (MUFY completing December)

20 October (all other applicants)

Online form (MUFY)

Agent or directly
to Monash online


See website for agents in your area
Apply via Monash website for direct applications

^OFFERS: Monash University does not make conditional offers for Medicine courses based on incomplete studies, predicted or provisional results. We are unable to determine whether an applicant is eligible for an offer of a place until we have received complete and certified documentation, including official final academic transcripts, evidence of successful completion of studies and evidence of meeting the minimum English language requirements and other prerequisite study requirements for the course.

If you are completing your Year 12 equivalent studies late in 2017 and can only provide final, certified documentation in December 2017 or January 2018, you should consider applying for 2019 entry as places for the Medicine programs at Monash may be filled by the time we can fully assess your application for an offer.

Please note. International students who, during the application process, become citizens or permanent residents of Australia (including New Zealand citizens) will no longer be eligible for a full fee international place and will have their application terminated. Applicants who are applying for Australian Permanent Residency or Citizenship must notify Faculty Admissions of any changes to their residential status immediately.

Foundation programs in Australia

*International students studying Foundation programs in Australia for example, Trinity, WAUFP need to apply directly via International Recruitment Services AND sit ISAT by the 16 October 2017.