About us

Boasting over 1,200 staff, we're the largest producer of peer-reviewed public health research in the Asia-Pacific region. And having offered Victoria’s first Master of Public Health program, we’ve got a wealth of experience to share.


Our research leads to practical discoveries that save money and improve the quality and safety of healthcare.

The STAREE and ASPREE studies are revolutionising healthcare globally, with important findings about the benefits of preventive statins and aspirin in the healthy elderly.

We’re Australia’s largest manager of clinical registries, with over 30 registries gathering powerful data on health service provision and patient outcomes across medical devices and treatments, medical conditions and clinical domains.

Our biostatistics experts develop and advise on complex new ways of interpreting data, whilst Cochrane Australia provide world-renowned meta-analyses and focus on evidence-based outcomes.

But we’re not just number and data crunchers. Our social sciences experts ensure the lived experiences of patients inform clinical practice, whilst the Monash Centre for Health Research and Implementation investigates how best to drive change in healthcare.

We conduct health economic reviews, drug and device safety assessments and monitor the ongoing health of communities and workers exposed to toxic chemicals.

Our Forensics teachers and researchers are embedded in the world-renowned Victorian Institute of Forensic Medicine. They settled the mystery around Ned Kelly’s remains and are frequently called upon for disaster victim identification such as the Indian Ocean tsunami.

Funding agencies invest in us because they know they’ll get rigorous, timely research in return.

We work with industry, government, health services, other research institutes and community groups to learn, train and conduct our research. We are proud to receive funding from diverse national and international groups like the NHMRC, the NIH in the United States, the Movember Foundation, Maddie Riewoldt’s Vision and numerous industry groups.

We’re co-located with our partners at the Alfred Research Alliance in Melbourne, including the prestigious Alfred Hospital, the Baker Institute and Burnet Institute. Close working relationships broaden our capabilities and provide a clinical platform in which to recruit research participants and test healthcare ideas.


We offer an extensive suite of undergraduate and postgraduate degrees, graduate research opportunities and short courses. These cover a staggering array of topics across epidemiology and statistics; healthcare management; global health; research methodology and evidence-based medicine; health promotion; health policy, law and ethics; data management; clinical research; occupational and environmental health; aviation medicine; travel medicine and forensic medicine.

Many of our lecturers hold clinical positions, allowing them to offer real-world expertise to their students. Our courses are designed to be flexible for busy working professionals, and offer a collegial learning environment with ample networking opportunities with peers and potential employers.