About us

We're the largest school of public health in the Asia-Pacific region, delivering research, education and policy leadership that enables more effective and efficient health and social care, improving the health and wellbeing of people and communities across Australia and around the world.

We’re pioneers in the field of public health and preventive medicine, offering Victoria’s first Master of Public Health program. Since then, we’ve grown to house over 1,200 experts working to save and improve lives through better informed prevention and care.

Our research and evidence

Our shared passion to explore and improve health and wellbeing has built an impressive track record in knowledge generation. We produce approximately 900 peer reviewed papers per year, but we also recognise that publication isn’t impact; harnessing new knowledge to drive better outcomes and reduce inequity, and embedding research and learning to transform health practice and policy is particularly important to us.

We generate reliable evidence to improve the quality, safety and sustainability of health care, here and around the world. Our researchers excel across the spectrum of research methods, ensuring peoples’ experiences are integrated to find answers that matter to the community.

We have a deep appreciation of the determinants of health, addressing the impacts of contemporary society on equitable health and wellbeing.

Our work is delivering new insights into climate and planetary health, appropriate and equitable health and social care, and global health security. We also educate the community about health, and advocate for change where needed.

Our evidence synthesis experts have broken new ground with living evidence, proving its value in enabling the most efficient and up-to-date clinical guidelines.

Core knowledge and skills in biostatistics, epidemiology and research design has helped us build an impressive track record of large-scale, international clinical trials that have advanced medical knowledge and research methodology. Our focus on translation and implementation science has ensured our results transform care around the world.

Our work in health economics and reduction of low-value healthcare strengthens health services across primary and tertiary settings, and ensures health dollars are spent wisely.

Through significant international collaborations, we’ve helped our regional neighbours benefit from participation in clinical research, and left a legacy of increased local expertise and capacity.

We partner with industry, government, health services, other research institutes and community groups to co-design and conduct our research. We are proud to steward a significant portfolio of research investment from national and international public funders, philanthropic donors and industry collaborators.

Our co-location with the Alfred Hospital broadens our capabilities and capacity to test innovative ideas in the real-world context. We also leverage important partnerships with other leading service providers including Ambulance Victoria, Monash Health and Victorian Institute of Forensic Medicine, as well as Academic Centres such as Monash Partners.

Our teaching and learning

We offer an extensive suite of undergraduate and postgraduate degrees, graduate research opportunities, short courses and microcredentials. These cover a vast array of public health topics across epidemiology and statistics; healthcare management; global health; research methodology and evidence-based medicine; health promotion; health policy, chronic disease prevention, law and ethics; data management; clinical research; occupational and environmental health; travel medicine and forensic medicine.

Many of our lecturers hold integrated research and clinical positions, allowing them to offer real-world public health expertise to their students. Our courses are innovative in their design, and provide flexibility to cater for every type of student ranging from first year undergraduate students to working professionals. A fundamental aspect of all courses is the collegial learning environment, coupled with ample networking opportunities with peers and potential employers.

Our people

We’re proud to support many of Australia’s foremost thought leaders working at the cutting-edge of research and education to achieve better health and wellbeing for all.

Innovation and excellence are central to our work and we value a culture that allows creative, passionate and diligent employees to thrive. Our access to cross-disciplinary capabilities and expertise within the University, and our strong relationship with public health and health/social care service providers, means our graduates are highly equipped with the knowledge and skills needed by the health sector today and the leaders of tomorrow.

We’re also a proud champion of equity and inclusion, and we celebrate the same qualities in our employees. Many of our senior leadership positions are held by women, and we are enriched by the diversity that our faculty brings to us from campuses across Australia, Malaysia and Indonesia.