We tackle big health questions by systematically gathering and exploring big health data, producing results that benefit millions around the world.

What we do

Public health takes a macro view of health, exploring it in the context of communities, cities and countries. We search for patterns in massive datasets that suggest ways to improve treatment, and more importantly prevention, of disease and ill-health.

From preparing for Ebola outbreaks, to mitigating the effects of diabetes and heart disease; from providing clean water and sanitation in Fiji and Indonesia, to improving fertility preservation services for Australians with cancer; our research portfolio is diverse and anchored in real-world problems.

Paving the way for better healthcare through research

We’re the largest research-based School in the Monash Faculty of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences. We’ve successfully delivered the ASPREE mega-trial, the biggest clinical trial in Australia and an invaluable source of health research data for years to come.

We house numerous NHMRC-funded Centres of Research Excellence and are Australia’s largest manager of clinical quality registries. Cochrane Australia resides with us, and is dedicated to producing the highest quality healthcare systematic reviews.

Many of our world-renowned researchers maintain clinical positions at the adjacent Alfred Hospital. This prestigious and busy hospital facilitates study recruitment and expedites the translation of our findings into real-world benefits for patients.