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Associate Professor honoured with NHMRC Research Excellence Award

Associate Professor Yuming Guo was among 23 Australian remarkable researchers honoured at the NHMRC’s Research Excellence Awards gala dinner last night in Canberra. Professor Guo received a Top Ranked CDF (Population Health) award.

Public Health and Preventive Medicine 14 March, 2019

It’s all adding up for BCA with Statistical Leadership Award

The Biostatistics Collaboration of Australia (BCA) have won the Statistical Society of Australia’s 2019 President’s Award for Leadership in Statistics.

Public Health and Preventive Medicine 13 March, 2019
Monash University news

Making their mark on International Women’s Day

Today is International Women’s Day, and we’re proud of invaluable contribution made by the many women who work within our School. So today, we’re celebrating by sharing some profiles and reflections from a selection of them.

Public Health and Preventive Medicine 8 March, 2019

Joint replacement to cost $5 billion by 2030: study

Knee and hip replacements for osteoarthritis are expected to rise by up to 276 per cent by 2030, costing Australia’s health care system over $5 billion, according to new research.

Public Health and Preventive Medicine 25 February, 2019

Grant wins for STAREE and work disability research

The end of 2018 came with a flurry of successful grants, and a media call with the Federal Minister for Health to announce two of them.

Public Health and Preventive Medicine 11 February, 2019
Cannabis image

Traffic fatalities on a high after cannabis legalisation

Legalising the sale of cannabis for recreational use can lead to a short-term increase in traffic fatalities in legalising states and their neighbouring jurisdictions, new research suggests.

Public Health and Preventive Medicine 7 February, 2019

Eating breakfast may not be a good strategy for weight loss

There is no good evidence to support the idea that eating breakfast promotes weight loss or that skipping breakfast leads to weight gain, according to a new study led by SPHPM’s Katherine Sievert and Professor Flavia Cicuttini.

Public Health and Preventive Medicine 31 January, 2019

On our way to 50+ Professors

Huge congratulations to all those SPHPM staff who were successful in this year’s round of academic promotions! This latest round saw us add five new Professors to our group, and a fact difficult to miss is that they are all women.

Public Health and Preventive Medicine 18 December, 2018

Study of over 16,000 brain tumours shows no link with mobile phone usage

The Monash Centre for Occupational and Environmental Health’s Dr Geza Benke is a co-author on a major new study that may contribute to the resolution of the persistent public debate: do mobile phones cause brain tumours? With over 90% of

Public Health and Preventive Medicine 13 December, 2018