Martine Dennekamp

MSc, PhD
Senior Research Fellow

Phone: +61 3 990 30166

Martine Dennekamp is an occupational and environmental epidemiologist working in the field of air pollution, health and the environment. She was awarded a postdoctoral fellowship from the Centre for Air quality & health Research and evaluation (CAR), an NHMRC Centre of Research Excellence.

Martine has an MSc in Environmental Sciences from the Netherlands and a PhD in Environmental Medicine from Scotland which included investigating the health effects of particulate air pollution on patients with chronic lung disease. Her environmental health research program and major interests are in the area of air quality and health, and in particular the association between health effects and smoke exposure from planned burns and bushfires, and the association between ambient air pollution and respiratory and cardiovascular health effects. Martine is also involved in occupational health projects, including involvement in a large occupational cohort study on Australian aluminium industry workers and a study investigating the investigation of the immunological and respiratory effects among workers exposed to nanoparticles.