ANZIC-RC Research

Conferences and Workshops:

Collaborative Clinical Trials in Intensive Care Medicine, Prato, Italy

Protocols and Statistical Analysis Plans

Research Programs:

Blood-CRE (Centre of Research Excellence for Patient Blood Management in Critical Illness and Trauma)

Health Economics Program

Nutrition Program

Recovery Program

Research Studies - Current:

ARISE-FLUIDS (Australasian Resuscitation In Sepsis Evaluation: Fluid or Vasopressors in Emergency Department Sepsis Trial)

BLENDER (Blend to Limit oxygEN in ECMO: a ranDomised controllEd Registry trial)

BONANZA (Brain Oxygen Neuromonitoring In Australia And New Zealand Assessment Trial)

BONE-ZONE (Bone Loss Prevention with Zoledronic Acid or Denosumab in Critically Ill Women – A Randomised Controlled Trial)

CLIP-II (Cryopreserved vs. Liquid Platelets trial)

ECMO Energy

ECMO-Rehab (A Randomised Controlled Trial of Early Rehabilitation in Patients on Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation)

EPO-TBI Long-Term Follow-Up Study


EXCEL (A comprehensive national registry on the treatment and outcomes of patients requiring ECMO)

INTENT-RCT (Intensive Nutrition Therapy comparEd to usual care iN criTically ill adults - Randomised Controlled Trial)


PATCH (The Pre-hospital Anti-fibrinolytics for Traumatic Coagulopathy and Haemorrhage Study)

REMAP-CAP (Randomised, Embedded, Multifactorial Adaptive Platform Trial for Community Acquired Pneumonia)

SPRINT-SARI (Short PeRiod IncideNce sTudy of Severe Acute Respiratory Infection)

TAME Cardiac Arrest RCT

TEAM (A Trial of Early Activity and Mobility in ICU)

Temperature management in OHCA (Temperature management in ventilated adults admitted to Australian and New Zealand ICUs following out of hospital cardiac arrest)

Research Studies - Completed:

ARISE HEE (Australasian Resuscitation In Sepsis Evaluation - Health Economic Evaluation)

ARISE Observational Study (Australasian Resuscitation in Sepsis Evaluation)

ARISE-RCT (Australasian Resuscitation In Sepsis Evaluation - Randomised Controlled Trial)

ASAP (Audit of Severe Acute Pancreatitis Feeding Practices in Australasia)

ATBIS (Australasian Traumatic Brain Injury Survey)

Blood Observational Study

CAT (The Catecholamine study: A Comparison of Epinephrine and Norepinephrine in Critically Ill Patients)

DECRA (Multi-centre randomised trial of early decompressive craniectomy in patients with severe traumatic brain injury)

EPO-TBI-RCT (Erythropoietin in Traumatic Brain Injury - Randomised Controlled Trial)

Heparin in Severe Sepsis

INFINITE Influenza A Registry (Impact and risk factors associated with influenza (H1N1 09) In Australian Hospital system, Pandemic 2009)

International Nutrition Survey

NICE-TBI (Normoglycaemia in Intensive Care - Traumatic Brain Injury)

Nutrition therapy in adult patients requiring Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation

OzENTER-TBI (Australia-Europe NeuroTrauma Effectiveness Research in Traumatic Brain Injury)

PHARLAP Pilot Study (Permissive Hypercapnia, Alveolar Recruitment and Limited A irway Pressure)

PHARLAP-RCT (Permissive Hypercapnia, Alveolar Recruitment and Low Airway Pressure - Randomised Controlled Trial)

POLAR-BEAR (Prophylactic hypothermia trial to Lessen traumatic brain injury - Basal Energy Assessment Research)

POLAR-RCT (Prophylactic hypothermia trial to Lessen traumatic brain injury - Randomised Controlled Trial)

RELEVENT (Rate of Lower Limb Deep Venous T hrombosis in Patients with Traumatic Brain Injury)

Renal Substudies of EPO-TBI and POLAR

SAFE-TBI (Saline versus Albumin Fluid Evaluation - Traumatic B rain Injury)

SAFE-TRIPS (Saline versus Albumin Fluid Evaluation - Translation of Research Into Practice Study)

SPICE Observational Study (Sedation Practice in Intensive Care Evaluation)

SPICE Pilot Study (Sedation Practice in Intensive Care Evaluation)

SPICE EGDS RCT (Sedation Practice in Intensive Care Evaluation: Early Goal Directed Sedation - Randomised Controlled Trial)

STATINS (Study of Atorvastatin Therapy In Sepsis)

Supplemental parenteral nutrition in critically ill patients: a pilot randomised controlled study

TARGET (The Augmented versus Routine approach to Giving Energy Trial)

TRANSFUSE-RCT (STandaRd Issue TrANsfusion versuS Fresher red blood cell Use in intenSive carE (TRANSFUSE) - Randomised Controlled Trial)

VITAMINS (Vitamin C, thiamine and hydrocortisone vs hydrocortisone alone in critically ill patients with septic shock)