The Second Australian National Blood Pressure Study

The conclusion of the study Second Australian National Blood Pressure Study (ANBP2), a randomised controlled trial in elderly hypertensive patients, aged 65 to 84 years, was that “initiation of antihypertensive treatment involving ACE inhibitors in older subjects, particularly men, appears to lead to better outcomes than treatment with diuretic agents, despite similar reductions of blood pressure.”

The ANBP2 Follow-up Study, a prospective cohort follow up of ANBP2 subjects, to determine the rate of all-cause and cardiovascular mortality and morbidity in this elderly hypertensive population. In addition, the study determined the progression from hypertension to chronic heart failure (CHF) of the population and the effect of initiating treatment based on ACE inhibitor versus that based on diuretic on subsequent HF, permitting the modelling of healthcare resource requirements in an ageing cohort and quantification of disease burden in an elderly Australian cohort. 150 Melbourne participants attended for further follow-up at the CCRE Clinical Trial Centre, including ECG and echocardiographic, clinical examination and data relating to current medications, heart failure symptoms and a depression questionnaire. Blood samples were collected from each participant for measurement of cardiac biomarkers. Further data analysis is currently taking place.