Quadruple UltrA-low-dose tReaTment for hypErTension



Hypertension affects about 6 million people in Australia and is a major risk factor for heart attack and stroke. It is well established that lowering blood pressure reduces risk of cardiovascular events and early death, however surveys have shown approximately 50 – 75% of patients are unable to maintain their blood pressure below the recommended levels. Evidence suggests that combining a number of different types of blood pressure medications (at a low dose) might achieve better and quicker BP control with less side effects than current guideline recommended approaches.

Quartet study is investigating whether a single pill containing 4 types of blood pressure lowering medications at ¼ standard doses will more effectively lower blood pressure and have fewer side effects compared to a standard dose of a one type of hypertensive medication.


Recruitment for this study is ongoing into 2020 and suitable participants for this study will:

  1. Currently have high blood pressure (hypertension)
  2. Either be on no medication at all, or only one medication for treatment of high blood pressure

For further information contact med.quartet@monash.edu or call the study centre on 1800 199 108.


The study is being conducted by Monash University and the George Institute for Global Health, NSW and is funded by the NHMRC.

Trial Registration