Clinical and Health Data Outcomes Innovation and Research

Clinical and Health data Outcomes Innovation
and Research (CHOIR)


Professor Belinda GabbeProfessor Susannah Ahern

Professor Susannah Ahern and Professor Belinda Gabbe

Monitoring variation in healthcare is known to support best practice and improve quality of care. However, challenges exist in developing and accessing appropriate data sets on which to undertake clinical quality benchmarking. Clinical registries are increasingly recognised as credible, effective and feasible tools to measure variation and drive quality improvement at the national and jurisdictional health system levels.

We are Australia’s leader in clinical registry development and management, with over 40 clinical registries housed in our School. These registries collect an identical minimum data set from patients treated in multiple hospitals or clinics throughout the country. Consistency is ensured through the use of identical definitions and data collection procedures.

Led by clinical domain experts, our registries are supported by our Clinical Outcomes Data Reporting and Research Program, a dedicated team of registry specialists with expertise in the full range of knowledge needed to establish and run registries, including funding, data collection, data security, stakeholder management, research governance and ethics, data analysis, communication and translation.

A number of our registries serve as platforms for clinical trials that are embedded within them, such as DIAAMOND, FRAIL-M and EXCEL.