Evidence Synthesis, Qualitative and Implementation Methods

Evidence Synthesis, Qualitative and
Implementation Methods


Professor Helen SkouterisProfessor Sally Green

Professor Sally Green and Professor Helen Skouteris

This Division, new in 2021, provides a home for a number of researchers specialising in using evidence synthesis, qualitative methods and implementation science to understand the full lived experience of health system users and workers, maximise research value by synthesising existing literature, and drive translation of results.

They provide consultancy services around driving organisational change within health and social care systems and the implementation science methodology, including evaluations, to implement health and social care programs and interventions to improve public health outcomes.

Cochrane Australia is housed within the Division, providing renowned evidence synthesis across qualitative and quantitative projects, and generating some of the highest levels of evidence in medicine globally. They are a driving force in the move towards continuous evidence surveillance and rapid response pathways that incorporate new relevant evidence into systematic reviews and clinical practice guideline recommendations as soon as it becomes available. The group has applied this methodology to the National COVID-19 Clinical Evidence Taskforce, which has delivered weekly updates on best treatment to Australia’s medical community throughout the pandemic.