Health Systems, Services and Policy


Professor Helena TeedeProfessor Alex Collie

Professor Alex Collie and Professor Helena Teede AM

Our work is concerned with a diverse range of issues that influence the effective, efficient, equitable and ethical delivery of health services. Our broad remit includes understanding and influencing health and social policy that underpin service delivery and implementation science to transform healthcare and related services.

We work across multiple content domains including women’s health, occupational health and work disability. The Division applies multidisciplinary experience to these issues, drawn from clinicians, epidemiologists, social scientists, psychologists, physiotherapists, lawyers, philosophers, biostatisticians, economists, implementation scientists and management scientists.

We conduct our research via competitive government grant schemes and in partnership with industry and peak bodies. Our advice and expertise is sought after by industry and government to support creation of robust solutions to complex, real-world problems. Our integration of research, data and advisory capability makes us a unique partner to better understand and address sector challenges.


Highlights from our completed work include:

  • Designing and piloting a new approach to injury claims management for the Queensland workers’ compensation scheme, that has now been rolled out state-wide and benefits tens of thousands of injured workers annually
  • Development of an evidence base underpinning Australia’s first National Return to Work Strategy 2020-2030
  • A body of work that contributed to the implementation and evaluation of new certificates of capacity (fit notes) in multiple Australian jurisdictions, and to the development and trialling of national clinical guidelines for the diagnosis and management of work-related mental health conditions

Ongoing major projects include:

  • Management of two NHMRC Centres for Research Excellence in women’s health:
    • CRE-WHIRL, improving understanding and knowledge translation in relation to Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, infertility and early menopause
    • CRE-HIPP, improving lifestyle and health throughout pre-conception, pregnancy and postpartum stages of life, with an emphasis on reducing maternal obesity
  • Development of a Learning Health System to harness current opportunities around the power of data to improve healthcare in partnership with clinicians, researchers and our community
  • Delivery of education and support to advance women in healthcare leadership and in STEM careers
  • The COMpensation Policy And Return to work Effectiveness (COMPARE) project that seeks to develop and analyse work disability datasets, generating evidence of the impact of policy reform and healthcare delivery on the outcomes of high-risk workers
  • The Driving Health Study in partnership with multiple industry stakeholders, which investigates the health status and health challenges faced by Australian truck drivers

Training and education

The Monash Centre for Health Research and Implementation runs short courses on women in leadership, implementation and healthcare improvement and good clinical practice. Details can be found at