The Department of General Practice at Monash University is committed to engaging with the wider researcher and practitioner community. We collaborate with clinicians, academics, and policy makers through two initiatives: MonReN, a Practice-Based Research network (PBRN) and through the development of Clinical Guidelines.

Our Clinical Guidelines are designed to provide the latest research-based best practice insights to our practitioner community to enhance the practice of general medicine in the community.

MonReN is a Practice-Based Research Network (MonReN) providing formal collaborations between clinicians in general practice, consumers, policy makers and academics that are dedicated to working together on relevant research questions to translate new knowledge into practice.  This peer-to-peer PBRN supports general practice to engage in research and education to improve health outcomes.

Through these two initiatives, the Department’s Engagement efforts put us at the leading edge of research and practical guidance for the wider practitioner community, advancing the discipline of general medical practice.