Aplastic Anaemia Registry (AAR)

Registry custodian:Professor Erica Wood
Head, Transfusion Research Unit
Registry contact: Ms Vanessa Fox
Email: aar@monash.edu
Phone: 1800 811 326
Clinical lead: Professor Frank Firkin
Purpose / aims:
  • Better define the incidence of AA in Australia
  • Provide information on the range of therapeutic strategies being employed in the treatment of AA patients
  • Explore factors influencing clinical outcomes
  • Better define optimal management of AA patients
  • Inform and inspire future hypothesis-driven research in this area
Population captured: Patients with diagnostic features of AA on bone marrow biopsy (pancytopenia with a hypocellular bone marrow, absence of an abnormal marrow infiltrate and no increase in reticulin), where other causes of bone marrow failure (e.g. following chemotherapy or B12 deficiency) have been excluded. Patients with AA that is acquired or due to inherited factors will be included on the registry.
Outcomes collected: Demographics, frequency, causes, different treatments and therapies, variety of care, clinical outcomes.
Funding source: Maddie Riewoldt’s Vision