Australian and New Zealand Massive Transfusion Registry (ANZ-MTR)

Registry custodian: Professor Erica Wood
Head, Transfusion Research Unit
Registry contacts:Associate Professor Rosemary Sparrow – Senior Research Fellow
Mrs Helen Haysom – Project Officer
Phone: 1800 811 326
Clinical leads: Professor James Isbister, Haematology
Associate Professor Zoe McQuilten, Haematology
Purpose / aims: The aims of the ANZ-MTR are to collect and analyse data on transfusion practice and patient outcomes in the setting of critical bleeding and massive transfusion in Australia and New Zealand
Population captured: All patients over the age of 18 years old who receive more than five units of red blood cells within any four hour time period
Outcomes collected: Demographics, diagnoses, hospital admission details, transfusion information on all fresh blood products, plasma products and adjunctive therapies, as well as laboratory results for the patient's hospital admission. Patient outcomes include patient discharge and in-hospital mortality information. Long term outcomes are available through data linkages with death and other registries (ie. death data).
Funding source: NHMRC partnership grant