Australian Rheumatology Association Database (ARAD)

Registry custodian:Professor Rachelle Buchbinder
Director, Monash Department of Clinical Epidemiology
Registry contact: Ashley Fletcher
Phone: +61 3 9508 3473
Clinical leaders:
  • Professor Lyn March, Rheumatology
  • Professor Marissa Lassere, Rheumatology
  • Professor Catherine Hill, Rheumatology
Purpose / aims: ARAD is a national Australian database which collects important health information from individuals with inflammatory arthritis. The aim of ARAD is to determine the short and long term effectiveness and safety of new biological drugs used to treat inflammatory arthritis conditions.
Population captured: Australians with a form of inflammatory arthritis are eligible to enrol in this voluntary registry
Outcomes collected: ARAD collects information from patients at six to 12 monthly intervals via paper-based and online questionnaires. Questions about medical history, medication history, responses to medication, physical functioning and quality of life are asked.
Funding source: NHMRC Enabling Grant, Monash University and unrestricted educational grants administered by the Australian Rheumatology Association