Myeloma and Related Diseases Registry (MRDR)

Registry custodian:Professor Erica Wood
Head, Transfusion Research Unit
Registry contacts:Dr Elizabeth Moore, Research Fellow
Laura Sellick, Research Officer
Phone: 1800 811 326
Clinical lead: Professor Andrew Spencer
Purpose / aims: The aims of the MRDR are to:
  • monitor trends in incidence and survival
  • monitor access to care
  • explore variation in practice, process and outcomes
  • benchmark outcomes nationally and internationally
  • explore the factors that influence outcomes including survival and quality of life
  • be a resource for clinical trials and further research – MRDR data on patterns of treatment and variation in patient outcomes allows evaluation of advances in therapy outside the setting of clinical trials, and will enable provision of the best possible care to people with these conditions
Population captured: Patients with multiple myeloma, plasma cell leukaemia, monoclonal gammopathy of undetermined significance (MGUS) and plasmacytoma in Australia and New Zealand.
Outcomes collected: Demographics, diagnoses, clinical and laboratory results, therapy, complications of disease and therapy, and clinical outcomes (include mortality, disease progression, best clinical response to therapy and quality of life).
Funding source: Industry partners