Victorian Cardiac Outcomes Registry (VCOR)

Registry custodians:Professor Chris Reid and Professor Danny Liew
Co-Directors, Monash Centre of Cardiovascular Research and Education in Therapeutics
Registry contact:Ms Angela Brennan
Phone: +61 3 9903 0517
Clinical lead: Associate Professor Jeffrey Lefkovits, Cardiology
Purpose / aims: Heart disease has an impact on both the individual and the community, therefore it is critical that public health initiatives and policies are directed at delivering treatment with high levels of safety and quality. The VCOR was established in 2012 to ensure the safety and quality of cardiac based therapies across Victoria.

As a clinical quality registry, VCOR monitors the performance of health services in both the public and private sectors. The aim of the registry is to measure and report on trends in the quality of patient care over time, within individual hospitals, comparatively with other hospitals, and aggregated at the state level. The goal is to foster continuous improvement in patient care and outcomes across the entire Victorian health system.

Population captured: VCOR has three separate modules currently collecting data of interest in cardiovascular care. These include a percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI) clinical quality registry, the early treatment of acute myocardial infarction (STEMI) in rural and regional settings, and data relating to in-hospital management of heart failure. The PCI and STEMI modules directly relate to management of coronary artery disease, primarily in its acute form (heart attacks and angina). The third focuses on chronic heart disease (both coronary and non-coronary) and is undertaken as a one month 'Snapshot' data collection by participating hospitals.

As at July 2016, the PCI registry contains over 25,000 cases, including data from all public hospitals performing PCI and 14 out of 17 private hospitals that perform PCI. The STEMI module has captured over 240 cases in the six pilot hospitals and in 2016 is expanding to an additional five regional hospitals. The heart failure Snapshot has collected over 900 cases across three separate years, with the most recent in 2016 being done by 16 hospitals, including a private hospital.

Outcomes collected:PCI outcomes:
  • procedural success
  • door to balloon times
  • complications including cardiac, bleeding, neurological and renal
  • mortality (in-hospital and 30 days post-procedure), including risk adjusted mortality at 30 days
  • quality of life at 30 days post-procedure
  • readmission 30 days post-procedure

STEMI outcomes:

  • time to first ECG
  • door to needle times
  • system delay times
  • transfer to PCI capable hospital within 24 hours
  • mortality (in-hospital).

Heart Failure outcomes:

  • guideline recommended therapies
  • mortality (in-hospital and 30 days post-discharge)
  • readmission 30 days post-discharge.
Funding source: VCOR is funded by the Department of Health, Victoria