Victorian State Trauma Outcomes Registry Monitoring Group (VSTORM)

Registry custodian:Professor Belinda Gabbe
Head, Pre-Hospital, Emergency and Trauma Research Unit
Registry contact: Ms Mimi Morgan
Phone: +61 3 9903 0996
Clinical lead:Professor Peter Cameron, Emergency Medicine
Purpose / aims: The Victorian Department of Human Services (now Department of Health and Human Services) commissioned the VSTR in 2001 in collaboration with the Transport Accident Commission Health Research. The registry provides a mechanism to monitor the system to inform service provision and development with an aim to reduce preventable deaths and permanent disability from major trauma. Changes to systems of care are monitored to ensure outcomes are improving including a reduction in deaths and disability over time.
Population captured: The registry collects and analyses patient information from 138 health services managing trauma patients across Victoria
Outcomes collected: The VSTR collects routine in-hospital outcomes including mortality, length of stay, complications and discharge destination. In addition, the VSTR routinely follows up patients at six, 12 and 24 months after injury to collect health-related quality of life, function, disability, pain and return to work outcomes.
Funding source: Department of Health and Transport Accident Commission