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Successfully examined theses by our graduate research students in 2021.

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Graduate Thesis Title Principal Supervisor
Fumitaka Yanase, PhD An assessment of possible interventions to optimise haemodynamics in patients receiving major surgery -
Kelsey Grantham, PhD Statistical methods for the design and analysis of longitudinal cluster randomized trials Prof Andrew Forbes
Kim Jachno, PhD Analysis of treatment effects and event rates that change over time in clinical trials Prof Rory Wolfe
Win Wah, PhD Developing innovative statistical models to predict cancer incident cases and outcomes at the small-area level A/Prof Arul Earnest
Oyunchimeg Buyadaa, PhD Diabetic chronic kidney disease: Using diverse data to understand the gaps in knowledge Prof Dianna Magliano
Shamil Cooray, PhD Prediction modelling for risk-stratified care in gestational diabetes mellitus Prof Helena Teede
Susan Paudel, PhD Physical activity participation and chronic diseases among Nepalese adults Prof Ben Smith
Michael Di Donato, PhD Best practice care in compensated Australian workers with low back pain Prof Alex Collie
Alexandra Chung, PhD Informing a policy response to reduce socioeconomic inequalities in overweight and obesity among Australian children Prof Anna Peeters
Rebecca Blackmore, PhD Perinatal mental health in women of refugee background Dr Melanie Gibson-Helm
Danielle Berkovic, PhD A mixed-methods study examining the work and financial burden borne by working-age adults with arthritis Prof Ilana Ackerman
Jillian Chau T Tay, PhD Improving health outcomes in women with polycystic ovary syndrome Dr Anju Joham
Catherine Bailey, PhD Cost-effectiveness studies for the improvement of intergenerational health and wellbeing Prof Helen Skouteris
Reena Sarkar, PhD Orofacial injuries in family violence homicide in Victoria – An epidemiologic and forensic approach Prof Joan Ozanne-Smith
Alison Markwick, PhD Determinants of the gap in health and wellbeing between Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander and non-Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander adults who live in the Australian state of Victoria – The contribution of the social determinants of health Prof John McNeil
Stelliana Goutzamanis, PhD The impact of curative hepatitis C treatment on the health and wellbeing of people who inject drugs Prof Margaret Hellard
Rebecca Goldstein, PhD Obesity, gestational weight gain and healthy lifestyle in pregnancy Prof Helena Teede
Elizabeth Potter, PhD Targeted echocardiographic screening for subclinical left ventricular dysfunction to prevent incident heart failure Prof Thomas Marwick
Yonatan Mesfin, PhD Syndromic vaccine safety surveillance: An alternative approach for vaccine safety signal detection Prof Jim Buttery
Feby Savira, PhD Cardiovascular disease, kidney disease and the "Cardiorenal Syndrome": Epidemiological modelling and emerging therapeutic targets A/Prof Bing Wang
Simon Turner, PhD Examination of statistical methods to analyse interrupted time series studies in public health A/Prof Joanne McKenzie
Sharmayne Brady, PhD Low back pain: Novel risk factors and treatments Prof Flavia Cicuttini
Anthony Pease, PhD Towards optimal utilisation of technology in type 1 diabetes mellitus from a clinical and Australian health economic perspective Prof Sophia Zoungas
Kirthi Menon, PhD Low-cost interventions for prevention of metabolic diseases Prof Danny Liew
Ruth Magaye, PhD Sphingolipids in cardiac remodelling: Molecular mechanisms and potential therapeutic targets A/Prof Bing Wang
Angela Melder, PhD Institutional entrepreneurship, innovation, implementation and scale-up for healthcare improvement – Transforming the health care system Prof Helena Teede

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