Graduate Research degree conferrals

Successfully examined theses by our graduate research students in 2020.

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Graduate Degree Thesis Title Principal Supervisor


Afsana Afroz PhD Type 2 diabetes mellitus in Bangladesh: cost-of-illness and complications assessment Baki Billah
Frances Ampt PhD Prevention of unintended pregnancy among female sex workers in low- and middle-income countries Stanley Luchters
Christopher Brzozek PhD Assessment of uncertainties in radiofrequency electromagnetic energy exposure assessment Geza Benke
Amanda Johnson PhD Associations between coal mine fire smoke and public health Yuming Guo
Tafireyi Marukutira PhD Beyond the fast-track targets: Gaps and opportunities for HIV epidemic control – focus on migration and HIV Margaret Hellard
Yayehirad Melsew PhD Heterogeneity in tuberculosis infectiousness: Understanding its impact on epidemiology and control James Trauer


Angela Davis PhD Online pornography and young people's sexual health: evidence-informed and needs-based public health approaches in the Australian context Megan Lim
Rosamond Dwyer PhD Emergency and prehospital care for older people living in residential aged care homes Belinda Gabbe
Jessica Lockery PhD Innovative data solutions to support community-based prescription medication research John McNeil
Ashika Maharaj PhD Quantifying quality of care for patients diagnosed with pancreatic cancer Susan Evans
Karin Stanzel PhD Health literacy and health care needs in midlife among women who have migrated from low- and middle-income countries to Australia Jane Fisher
Claire Tipping PhD Optimising the effect of early mobilisation and rehabilitation in critically ill patients Carol Hodgson


Peter Fransquet PhD Epigenetic biomarkers in pre-symptomatic and diagnosed dementia Joanne Ryan


Alisa Higgins PhD An economic evaluation of resuscitation in sepsis Jamie Cooper


Rebecca Morris PhD A program evaluation of a falls prevention program for older adults Ilana Ackerman


Matthew Brain PhD Optimising filter life in intensive care continuous renal replacement therapy John McNeil


Mohammed Alramadan PhD Glycaemic control, complications, and well-being among people with type 2 diabetes in Saudi Arabia Baki Billah
Sinjini Biswas PhD The role of clinical registries in optimising outcomes of percutaneous coronary intervention Dion Stub
Sara De Menezes MPhil Population trends in biopsy techniques used to diagnose melanoma: impacts on microstaging and management Victoria Mar
Satish Ramkumar PhD Facilitation of Atrial Fibrillation screening by risk assessment using clinical, echocardiographic and strain variables Thomas Marwick


Adelle Gadowski PhD Relationships between physical activity, diet and use of lipid-lowering drug therapy in cardiovascular disease Alice Owen
Eleanor Thong PhD Optimising bone and reproductive health in individuals with type 1 diabetes Helena Teede


Suzanne Willey PhD Implementing perinatal mental health screening for women of refugee background: an evaluation Jacqueline Boyle


Stephanie Pirotta PhD Informing the development of a lifestyle program for women with polycystic ovary syndrome Siew Lim


Claire Blewitt PhD A pedagogical intervention to support social and emotional development and health in early childhood: an intervention mapping approach Helen Skouteris

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