Postgraduate Courses

Broaden your career horizons with postgraduate study at Monash

Want to take your public health career to the next level or change course? How about brushing up your research skills? There's no better way to start than by postgraduate study with us.

Our wide range of courses offer flexibility around what you learn, how you learn it, and opportunities to immerse yourself in real-world research. They prepare you to serve the community in an increasingly competitive public health job market and as a result, our graduates are highly sought after by employers worldwide.

Monash has a reputation not just for embracing new ideas, but for providing a culture that shapes and shares them. Our School engages with topical issues that influence human health here and around the globe. How can Australia contain the threat of emerging infectious diseases? What can we do to improve access to clean water in slum communities? What are the life-long health risks of firefighters exposed to toxic chemicals?

By studying with us, you'll experience a collegial learning environment led by world-leading clinical and research experts.

We're co-located with the renowned Alfred Hospital, where many of our lecturers hold clinical positions. We work closely with our research neighbours, the Baker Institute and Burnet Institute. This gives our students unparalleled diversity in their study as well as opportunities to learn from and network with potential future employers or research collaborators.

If you're ready to expand your horizons, we're here to help you focus and get where you want to be. Browse our postgraduate options below.

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