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Master of Biostatistics

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  • Biostatistics is the discipline that underpins the use of statistical methods in health and medical research. Its foundation is the mathematics of variability and it encompasses the science of designing quantitative research studies and other data collections, managing and analysing data, and interpreting the results. It's a rewarding and challenging discipline.

    If you harbour a passion for separating evidence from assumption, have solid maths skills and want to make a difference in the world, this could be your dream career. As a Biostatistician you could help distinguish correlation from causation, help design trials to improve the health of patients, or make predictions about patients' future health based on their clinical and genomic data. Biostatisticians are in high demand across research in academia, in government and in industry.

    Our biostatistics team research and teach the latest statistical methods for data analysis and design on trials and observational studies. We expand the knowledge base students access through our partnerships with the Biostatistics Collaboration of Australia, and our graduates receive accreditation as Graduate Statistician (GStat) upon application to the Statistical Society of Australia.

    Course Coordinator

    "This course gave me a deep and sophisticated understanding of statistical methods and valuable experience reasoning my way through complex problems. Combined with undergraduate training in biomedicine and health economics, the Master of Biostatistics gave me skills that are in huge demand within health-aligned research and professional environments. The consortium structure allowed me to learn from and network with Australia’s leading biostatisticians."

    "I’m currently conducting a PhD at the University of Edinburgh, where I was offered a teaching role within 7 days of commencement on the strength of my statistical expertise. I feel confident I can take my career wherever I choose."

    – Taya Collyer