Forensic Medicine

Are you interested in applying your medical, dental or scientific knowledge in the interests of justice? Or maybe you want to conduct research to help prevent future avoidable injuries and deaths in the community?

Learn from Australia's best forensic practitioners and develop specialised, highly-sought after expertise with our Master of Forensic Medicine, the only qualification of its kind in the Southern Hemisphere.

We work closely with the Victorian Institute of Forensic Medicine, Australia's largest centre for forensic medical and scientific services. Our lecturers have real-world experience in major cases, from solving the mystery of Ned Kelly's remains to victim identification after the Indian Ocean tsunami, Black Saturday bushfires and the destruction of flight MH17. They pass on their unique skills to our students.

Taught with a mix of online and on-site workshop days, students can specialise in clinical forensic medicine, forensic medical science or forensic odontology. An optional research project can reinforce learnings and provide real-world research experience.

Career fields

Career fields include clinical forensic medicine practitioner, forensic odontologist, forensic medical scientist, forensic toxicologist, mortuary scientist, research.


Master of Forensic Medicine

Course Coordinator

Associate Professor Richard Bassed