Health Data Analytics

Health Data Analytics is a burgeoning field at the intersection of health data, biostatistics and machine learning. Increasing numbers of well-remunerated jobs across a diverse range of projects make it an exciting time to be entering this workforce.

Whether it’s helping quantify the effectiveness of a new treatment for a pharmaceutical company, predicting future health claims use for governments or private health insurers, or developing or implementing algorithms to help health services provide faster results, Health Data Analysts engage in some of the most exciting and impactful projects in healthcare.

This course focuses on the application of quantitative skills and emerging technologies to some of healthcare’s most pressing challenges. Our graduates will have the skills and knowledge needed to support decisions and recommendations that will lead to better health outcomes for patients, and improved cost-efficiencies for finite health resources.

Our novel cross-Faculty approach sets this course apart from its competitors. Our lecturers are drawn from experts across our School of Public Health and Preventive Medicine, our Faculty of Information Technology, and our Faculty of Business and Economics. This blend of expertise will equip you to conceptualise and execute novel data analytics projects that will transform healthcare.

You’ll walk away with a thorough grounding in key biostatistical and epidemiological principles; a sound knowledge and skills in programming, data visualization, statistical models and machine learning; an understanding of health systems and health service operations; the ability to identify and analyse data sets using the appropriate methods.

Job opportunities for graduates are growing across governments, academia and industry here and around the world.

Career fields

Graduates will find numerous employment opportunities across governments and health departments; in research and academia; and in industries including private health insurers, public and private health service providers, and medical technology development.


Master of Health Data Analytics