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Master of Public Health (Multi-modal)

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  • Public health investigates and applies medical and health knowledge at a global or community level, rather than at the individual level found in clinical medicine. It's flexible, it can be applied across countless clinical domains and can have huge impact.

    Our flagship Master of Public Health (MPH) degree provides graduates with the full range of quantitative, analytical and communication skills needed to work in and lead public health, locally and globally. Taught by Victoria's leading public health experts and with strong links to the Alfred Hospital, our MPH is highly regarded in industry, the public sector and academia.

    We focus on providing latest knowledge, practical research skills and nurturing your ability to problem-solve. This ensures our graduates are well regarded and set up for career success.

    We offer a diverse list of electives allowing students to tailor their learnings as their interest areas develop. Accelerated entry points, flexible online and in person learning options and an optional research project help students realise their potential and get the most from their experience.

    Career fields

    Career fields include research roles covering clinical trials, large cohort studies, data analysis, project management and field work; health promotion; ethics, policy.

    Course Coordinator

    "I got to hear firsthand from industry experts and to network with them. The subject choice also offered huge variety. It gave me the skills and confidence to think laterally, and to gain up-to-date knowledge of the pressures on health systems in an array of contexts, and from a number of perspectives. I continued to work full-time during my studies and even relocated overseas during the course, which was made possible through the online and block mode delivery."

    – Frances Ng, Head of Health Service Planning, Total Alliance Health Partners

    "The course equipped me with a broad range of public health related knowledge and skills that I have applied to the different positions that I have undertaken in healthcare consulting, project management, teaching and research. I enjoyed collaborating with students from different educational and work backgrounds – this diversity allowed for more interesting discussions and debates around different subject topics and has assisted me working in a different international healthcare sector in the Middle East."

    – Dina Farjou

    "It’s important to me to learn from true leaders, to make the most of my study opportunity. I was impressed with how strongly Monash ranked across numerous medical fields in research and education, and now I’ve graduated, I take pride in being a Monash alumna."

    – Visale Thangadurai, international student graduate

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